Episode 5 – The Devil is Part-Time!! Season 2


Unfortunately, there’s not much to say with this week’s entry as it’s more of a transitional episode from arc to arc. We get a good follow-up to the final scene last week between Gabriel and Sariel, where we learn that the current Crisis is tied to the previous one, with Sariel originally coming to Earth specifically to get Emi’s sword for the same reasons as Gabriel is. The status quo will be turned upside down with Maou and the gang having to change locations to survive. It’s nice that the landlady continues to watch over the gang offering them new job opportunities when they have to move out for renovations after all the damage from the battle of the angels, but it also makes me wonder who is this woman on Earth. She’s very quirky and quirky and I kinda like her, but I can’t say if it’s an oversight on the writer’s part that no one really wonders how she clearly knows more than the average person about the current situation. Besides, who still leaves messages via a VHS tape?

The real star of this episode is actually Chiho, who displays a level of maturity and anticipation that I didn’t expect from her character when she was first introduced. Not only does she seem patient and understanding that Maou hasn’t really given her an answer regarding her confession yet, but she also seems embarrassed that being the only normal human in the group means there’s a limit to what she can. she is able to do. Exploring this insecurity allows you to breathe in a bit of all that is more dramatic in the series, and it raises the question of how she comes to terms with the fact that Maou was a conqueror in the other world. I know it’s really a case that she only knows the Maou she works with, who is obviously a very respectful and honest person, but I wonder if there will be a point in the show where she will have to face the darker things he did when he was a demon king. Will it force her to reconsider her feelings for him, or will we get some surprising twists to these very standard tropes? It’s interesting to think about, as is the question of how much Chiho treats Emi like a romantic rival. That said, Emi seems to be more or less perfectly suited to her role as a mother, which is a very charming background detail. I really have no idea what’s next in the series, but the ominous mood this episode ends on makes me think we won’t have to wait long to figure this out.


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