Every MCU Disney+ Series From Best To Worst


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding more and more every day. The introduction of Disney+ was a revolutionary tool for Marvel Studios to tell a completely different kind of story. In the first year, five different series were introduced as essential pieces of the MCU puzzle. And they showed no signs of slowing down, with moon knight after launching Marvel’s Disney+ offerings in 2022.

We’ve rounded up over a dozen different writers from TheDirect.com to rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. It’s a mix of hardcore MCU fans and third-party fantasy fans. Nevertheless, they are professional fans who have immersed their lives in the universes you love.


Many writers who voted on this list will disagree with the order, as will many of you reading. The range of opinions on virtually any project is wide. But, this is the only consensus ranking list of comic book movie writers of this type.

Let’s dive in.

6. What if…?

marvel studios

With the adventure in Disney+ and the streaming wars, Marvel Studios was ready to test the waters as much as they could in the first year. After resounding successes like Wanda Vision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, they decide to deviate from the norm and try something new. What if…? was Marvel Studios’ first look at animation and it was a ride.


After establishing the multiverse as a fundamental part of phase four, What if…? was a way to engage audiences in the idea of ​​multiple universes and establish how crazy they could be. A new story every week made it hard for fans to see this on par with other 2021 live action series, but the animation style kept most people interested as it was a beautiful color job. and movement.

The storytelling of this series is where people seem to agree it falls apart. It plays like an anthology to begin with that leads to a climax at the end of Season 1 that feels largely undeserved. Mix that with the polarizing use of animation in a live-action setting and it drops to the bottom of the list. What if…? fans now know the struggles clone wars fans have been dealing with for over a decade.

5. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
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The return of the Captain America The franchise is set in a series that feels more like a tie-in comic than anything Marvel Studios has ever produced. Fans last saw Sam Wilson at the end of End of Game receiving the shield from Steve Rogers. If Sam were to appear in Captain America 4 as a full-powered Captain America, fans would have been okay with that jump. Instead, they decided to dedicate a series of 6 episodes showing this decision made.


It was a classic Captain America project embellished with more in-depth commentary on social issues than any other MCU project before it. It’s the villainous side of this story that makes it stand out of a top MCU series for many. There have been rumors and reports that major storylines have been cut from this series due to COVID-19 complications, and it is showing.

Another downside to Falcon and the Winter Soldier it has nothing to do with the series, it’s how quickly it came out after Wanda Vision. With how new, unique and interesting the story is to Wanda Vision was, the standard MCU vibe of the Sam and Bucky show may have slowed the momentum for Phase Four and MCU streaming.

This series is not without flaws, but external factors also cause it to fall more than it deserves.


4. Moon Knight

moon knight
marvel studios

The first origin story told on Disney+ for Marvel Studios features Oscar Isaac playing a split personality. It’s universally accepted that Isaac’s performance playing both Steven Grant and Marc Spector is the highlight of this show and one of the best features of Disney+ streaming to date. Like many other phase four projects, moon knight puts an elite level player on the field for the MCU.

The high concept of this show left people on one side or the other. The idea of ​​dissociative identity disorder portrayed in this show was well executed and fleshed out. The Egyptian lore behind the rest of the series, including the antagonist, supporting characters, and plot, was not as developed. The show threw in a lot of interesting and fun stuff in the early episodes, but only focused on a few for Season 1.

It’s the type of project that’s built to improve the ratings the further Moon Knight is in the MCU. World-building projects and character-driven MCU installments are prime to improve as payoffs roll in and characters continue to evolve. moon knight streaming is the best candidate for this treatment.


3. Hawkeye

Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye

No movie or show has put more emphasis on passing the baton than Hawk Eye, who was not only able to accomplish this Black Widow did by paying homage to an MCU Hall of Famer but also introduced the next generation of Marvel snipers. For many fans, watching Jeremy Renner get his time to shine in a solo project after more than a decade in the game was a feeling of satisfaction.

At the end of the day, Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop is the star of this show. Winner of the Direct Podcast’s 2021 Rookie of the Year award, Bishop instantly became a fan favorite as Marvel’s returning delight. Bringing a charisma and charm both similar to MCU legends of the past and also unique to her, she is the future. Steinfeld reached a point where some were saying she had the potential to be the MCU’s next Robert Downey Jr..

An adaptation of one of the most beloved comics of all time, Hawk Eye embraced everything fun and exciting about character and IP. Set over the holidays and for an extended period in New York, this series has a vibe that few other MCU projects can match. With a few characters that may not have captured audiences as much as the leads, it’s not high on this list. But you’ll be hard pressed to find many people who haven’t had a great time with it. Hawk Eye.



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Revered as one of the greatest villains in comic book movie history, Loki pulled to the top of everyone’s list the moment it was announced. Being able to see Tom Hiddleston in this role for an extended appearance on his own journey without any sign of Thor was a dream most MCU fans never knew they wanted. Add to that the aspect of explaining the MCU Multiverse and the incredibly consequential meanings behind it, and it becomes a top sight.

Season 1 episodes flowed and ebbed for a while, but once this show got where it was going, everyone was hooked. It was a mysterious and bizarre crime drama that slowly turned into one of the most terrifying monologues in the league. The path Loki was able to slowly build emotions and stakes while maintaining a pins-and-needles tone, it was must-watch TV.

1. Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision
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The first project of the new era of the MCU was an instant hit. Week after week, fans have been wowed by the long-form storytelling that Marvel Studios is now able to utilize. Wanda Vision was a character study shrouded in mystery the likes of which no comic book fan had ever seen before.


The legacy of Wanda Vision will forever be remembered as the longtime pioneer who changed the way comic book stories are told on screen and arguably the greatest example yet of Marvel Studios taking a huge swing. This one wasn’t just a home run, it was a grand slam.


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