Fans furious after episode of children’s show Bluey is banned by Disney+


An episode of the Australian children’s cartoon Bluey was made unavailable on Disney+ for content that did not meet the streaming service’s standards.

The hugely popular show was an instant hit when it first aired on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney+ in September 2019 following its previous launch in Australia in 2018, and quickly became the most beloved cartoon for kids and adults alike. parents.

However, Disney seems to have a problem with the Aussie pup and has banned a particular episode from its US streaming service.

An episode of the beloved cartoon has been banned. . Credit: Ludo Studio/ BBC Studios/ Disney+.

The episode in question, titled “Family Meeting”, features Bluey’s father, Bandit, being accused of farting – or “blowing a stuffed animal”, as the Australians say – in front of his eldest daughter.

“Dad blew a stuffed animal in my face!” accuses Bluey in the episode which the parents say is both harmless and hilarious.

To solve the problem, mom Chilli becomes a judge in an improvised trial, while Bluey and her sister Bingo speak as witnesses.

When viewers realized the episode had been removed from Disney+, they made fuss online, even creating a petition to have all edits and censored moments from the show undone.

Some Disney fanatics were even able to point to scenes from classic movies like The Lion King and treasure planet where fart jokes were broadcast without any problems.

This is the first time an episode of the series has been entirely removed from Disney’s platform but, according to fans, other moments (including pooping, farting, sitting on the toilet and a character getting punched in the groin) from the cartoon have been removed or modified.

Fans are angry at the episode's deletion.  Credit: Disney+ |
Fans are angry at the episode’s deletion. Credit: Disney+ |

When the fan-powered Disney Pirates and Princesses blog complained about the episode being removed, they were reportedly contacted by a representative from Disney Branded Television to explain the reasoning – and it looks like it might. be good news for the fans, after all.

The spokesperson explained that there are actually plans to bring “Family Meeting” to streaming services soon.

Initially, the episode was pulled from the air because it didn’t meet Disney Junior’s standards and practices, but since appearing on Disney+, it seems the bosses may have changed their minds.

A Disney representative commented on the censored episode.  Credit: Disney+
A Disney representative commented on the censored episode. Credit: Disney+

The statement read, “‘Family Meeting’ will soon be rolling out to US platforms.

“Some Bluey the content did not match the Disney Junior broadcast S&P in place at the time the series was acquired.

“Now that it’s rolling out to other platforms, it’s a great opportunity to re-evaluate what we plan to do.”

So have no fear, my friends. It seems the integrity of the fart joke will live to see another day, after all.

Tyla has reached out to Disney+ for comment.


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