Fantastic Four improves on a classic cosmic character in a major way


The The Fantastic Four the “Reckoning War” event finally came to an end, and it left a certain cosmic character changed in a major way. “Reckoning War” has included a number of guest appearances including Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, the original Nick Fury, and more. They all united to fight a group of alien warlords called Reckoning, who went to war against the Watchers. Uatu is the most famous of the Watchers and made his return to the Marvel Universe at the end of Empyrean. Back from the dead, Uatu finds himself with an upgraded status by the time “Reckoning War” ends.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #45. Continue reading at your own risk.

The Fantastic Four #45 comes from the creative team of Dan Slott, Farid Karami, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Joe Caramagna. Things are quite chaotic as the Watchers’ world is on the brink of destruction. Even though Uatu is in a bad state, he at least has Nick Fury Sr. watching over him. The two were partners in the prep and during “Reckoning War”, and their alliance comes back into play at the end of the issue.

Uatu is bubbling with energy after capturing every sight a watcher has ever glimpsed. This even includes their lies and the hidden chapters of the Cyclopedia Universum. At this point, it’s an information overload problem, and it’s tearing Uatu apart. They appear to be shot inside the center of the Apex of Reality. After the world of the Watchers (T-37X) explodes, it reveals an all-new massive version of Uatu, the one and only Watcher. The rest of the people of Uatu have become cosmically blind, losing their ability to see everything. This is because Uatu has absorbed the knowledge of the Apex, allowing him to see every “what if” imaginable.

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To give you an idea of ​​Uatu’s current mass, it now dwarfs Ego the Living Planet. The Watchers have always had a hard time interfering in events, but what Uatu is doing now isn’t interfering, it’s rectifying past actions. It opens the Great Barrier that was erected by the Watchers after the First War, freeing the Barrens to now become the Borderlands. Think of it as a new, unexplored space open to endless possibilities.

Galactus is also reborn, having fused with the Asgardian Destroyer armor. The cosmic deity takes the Silver Surfer as a companion – not a herald – to explore these Borderlands to quench his thirst for knowledge. Galactus’ final act is to send the various heroes home and rebuild the moon, which was destroyed earlier in “Reckoning War”.

With the moon reunited, Nick Fury regains his title as “The Man on the Wall”, aka The Unseen. Nick Fury must protect Uatu’s old home, which is full of dangerous technology like the Ultimate Nullifier. Uatu the Watcher is one of the most classic cosmic characters to ever exist in the Marvel Universe, and his return will most likely be felt on a grander scale down the line. The same can be said for Nick Fury Sr., who is back to defend Earth against intergalactic threats.

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DAN SLOTT (F) • FARID KARAMI (A) • Taken over by CAFU

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