Fear TWD Season 7 – The Meaning of Amina

AMC has released the next episode of Fear the TWD Season seven last night called “Amina”. You might think it’s a throwaway title, but there’s actually a lot of meaning behind it. Here’s a summary of why the name matters to the show and how it might tie into Madison Clark’s return. If you haven’t caught up with the latest episodes of Fear TWD Season 7, then you should definitely look away now.

What happened in season 7 of Fear TWD?

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In this new episode of Fear the TWD Season seven, Alicia is seen struggling to fight death. Namely, she is infected with a mysterious disease. The authors avoided mentioning directly what this disease might be, but it is certainly not a good thing.

It seems Alicia is destined to die, but she has some final plans in mind before the inevitable happens. Before dying, Alicia is determined to save one of her friends from the burning tower. Since we know her mother – Madison – is returning to the show, you can assume Alicia is trying to save her mother. However, in general Fear TWD Season 7 stylish, it’s not!

Instead, Alicia is determined to save a hallucination. He’s not a real person at all! In fact, the person she is after is none other than herself – yes, really. In fact, she’s a younger version of Alicia. Obviously, this shows how Alicia is trying to claim her innocence in Fear the living dead and attempt to right past wrongs.

In addition to seeing herself, she also sees Victor. However, it is not a hallucination but rather the real thing. The fact that she wants to save him stems from Alicia’s hopes of remaining optimistic. The world of Fear TWD Season 7 is certainly dark, but Alicia does not want to give up hope just yet.

Who is Ameen?

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Now, all of that guilt and trying to make amends ties in well with the episode name – Amina. In this last episode of Fear TWD Season 7, Alicia finds a tape recording of her mom. The tape is titled “Amina” and contains footage of Madison’s interview with Althea. This interview dates back to Season 4 of the show.

As you might have guessed, reading the tape is a great way for the writers to recap what happened to Madison. We see the things that led to Madison’s apparent demise earlier in Fear the living dead. Also, we learn the meaning of the name “Amina”.

Amina was the nickname of Wilhemina, a bird owned by Alicia and Nick when they were younger. The bird was badly injured and it looked like the Clarks would have to hold a funeral. However, in an act of pure kindness, Alicia and Nick helped keep the bird safe. Eventually he was healthy enough to fly again.

So the name Amina has a lot of meaning for Madison and Alicia in Fear TWD Season 7. For Madison, she reveals in the tape that the name means hope. At the start of the apocalypse, Madison used the name to remind herself that hope still exists and the idea of ​​a community was still possible.

Will Madison come back in Do you fear season 7 of TWD?

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Naturally, many of us expected this latest installment of Fear TWD Season 7 would be the one that would bring Alicia and Madison together. Unfortunately not! This is Alycia Debnam-Carey’s final appearance as Alisa. However, since we did not see his death, we are hopeful that a reappearance may occur later.

After all, we already know that Madison, Alicia’s mother, will return in the finale to Fear TWD Season 7. It’s just an episode away! It’s a shame Madison and Alicia couldn’t reunite for this episode.

After all, Alicia’s final decision in this episode was to help someone in hopes that they weren’t completely evil. Strand portrays Amina when Alicia was younger. So, it would have been great for Madison to see that her daughter still has hope for the future. Unfortunately, the writers had other plans in mind. You can attend the final of Fear TWD Season 7 Sunday, June 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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