Half of Republicans now support tougher gun laws: poll


In a new poll, half of Republicans said they support tougher gun laws, up from 35% a year ago and amid several high-profile shootings across the country.

A USA Today-Ipsos poll released on Tuesday found that 50% of Republicans said gun laws should be much stricter or somewhat stricter than they currently are, compared to 35% of Republicans who responded. the same way in 2021.

About 37% of Republicans said current gun laws are about right, while 13% said gun laws should be less strict than they are now.

Comparatively, 88% of Democrats and 67% of independents said gun laws should be stricter than they currently are.

The latest poll comes as the nation reels from multiple shootings across the country, including in Buffalo, NY, Uvalde, Texas and Tulsa, Okla.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee held a hearing on gun violence on Wednesday. Among the witnesses was a pediatrician from Uvalde who recounted the horrific condition of some of the 19 children and two adults who were killed last month in a shooting at Robb Elementary School.

“What I found was something that no prayer will ever relieve: two children, whose bodies had been so pulverized by bullets fired at them, decapitated, whose flesh had been torn, that the only clue as to their identity was a blood-splattered cartoon of clothes still clinging to them, clinging for life and finding none,” Roy Guerrero said.

A bipartisan group of senators are discussing narrow gun legislation as the House is due to vote this week on a much broader package, support for which is likely to split across parties.

The Senate group is focused on urging states to enforce red flag laws, aimed at people deemed a threat to themselves or others, as well as strengthening background checks for firearms purchases. fire.

The USA Today-Ipsos poll was conducted between June 3 and June 6 with approximately 1,117 adult respondents.


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