Harley Quinn Show Confirms Batman Eats Nachos


HBO Max’s Harley Quinn has paid homage to a classic Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon meme, confirming Batman’s favorite tex-mex treatment.

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for harley quinn season 3.A silly subplot in harley quinn season 3 confirmed that Batman actually eat nachos. The issue of Bruce Wayne’s snacking habits has been the subject of much serious scientific debate and a number of internet memes. It’s now been confirmed that the HBO Max animated version of Batman is very fond of the fries and the cheese dish, but is completely incapable of doing it on its own.


The main story of harley quinn Season 3 focused on the romantic relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, but the romance between Catwoman and Batman was also part of the show’s storyline. Catwoman has moved into Wayne Manor, taking over an entire wing for herself. Despite this big step, things were still tense between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, as Bruce’s abandonment issues were completely incompatible with Selena’s need to keep things casual between them.

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Bruce accidentally drove the wedge between him and Selina by harley quinn season 3, episode 5, “It’s A Swamp Thing”, by getting overly possessive and suggesting that she might sleep in his wing at Wayne Manor that night before giving him a toothbrush as a gift. Selina was less than impressed and the relationship between Batman and Catwoman seemed to be on thin ice even before Bruce excitedly stated that “I could ask Alfred to make us nachosWhen that left Selina with a serious need to return to her own apartment for a few nights to put some space between her and her clingy boyfriend, Bruce turned to his favorite comfort food, shouting at Alfred that ‘it was “gonna need some nachos!” This confirmed that Batman is eating nachos in the harley quinn universe, but there was another delicious, cheesy layer to this reveal based on a classic internet meme from another Batman animated series.

The “Batman doesn’t eat nachos!” Meme explained

Batman’s apparent obsession with nachos in harley quinn season 3 referred to Batman: The Brave and the Bold season 2, episode 8, “A Bat Divided!” The episode revealed that Batman was split into three distinct personalities, embodying his intellect (Nerd Batman), his anger (Bully Batman), and all that was left (Slacker Batman) once his mind and rage were removed. When the Nerd Batman attempted to explain what had happened to them, the Bully Batman refused to believe that the Slacker Batman (who was enjoying a plate of nachos at the time) was part of him, stating that “Batman doesn’t eat nachosThis spawned several memes about other foods that Batman found tasteless.

The reference to Batman eating nachos may also have been a nod to a bit of controversy over a joke about what Batman eats that DC Comics refused to endorse. Reportedly, DC Comics objected to the idea of ​​Batman giving Catwoman oral sex and this statement has also inspired a number of memes and erotic fan art. In any case, the lines affirming Batman’s love for nachos were masterfully delivered by actor Diedrich Bader, who voices Batman at a time harley quinn and Batman: the brave and the daring.

harley quinn Season 3 airs Thursdays on HBO Max.


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