Harley Quinn takes Poison Ivy to her comic book roots


The following contains spoilers for Harley Quinn Season 3, Episode 9, “Climax at Jazzapajizza,” which premiered September 8 on HBO Max.

Season 3 of harley quinn was the most emotionally taxing for Poison Ivy. She took time to adjust to her relationship with Harley, enjoying their brand of chaos, while remaining obsessed with the idea that Earth needed better people. That’s why she experimented on Frank the Plant to create a weapon that would allow her to transform the planet into her vision of paradise: a garden named Eden.

However, this seemed to be abandoned when Bruce Wayne kidnapped Frank to reuse him and bring his parents back as zombies. This left Ivy looking to get Frank back, as a friend, not a tool. But while Ivy’s compassion was welcome and hinted that she might adopt a heroic side like Harley did, the zombie apocalypse ultimately transformed Ivy into the eco-terrorist comic book fans know and love. .

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When Ivy entered the DC fray in the 1960s, she was trained as an ordinary criminal. However, she became more of a plant goddess after Crisis on Infinite Earths, wanting plant life to overtake the planet. She felt like she was Mother Nature’s hand, which is 1997’s angle batman and robin the film took with it – a flower destroyer.

But on harley quinn, Ivy has turned away from her connection to the Green, opting instead for petty crime and finding love, whether with Catwoman in the past or Harley in the present. Things changed drastically, however, when Ivy tapped into the green after a message from the toxic Swamp Thing, which reminded her of the power she held within. Ivy transformed into a plant goddess, just like the books and cartoons, with vines around her body and a leafy look that Harley found hot.

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Ivy was on the warpath, manipulating Frank and all the zombies, using them to turn other humans into zombies and motivate plant life to come to the surface. She was terraforming the planet, using humanity as a plant virus. And the thing is, she loved it because it meant less people, more plants, and more zombies to keep Eden prosperous.

With Bruce preoccupied with his parents and the outnumbered Bat family, it was a dream come true. Harley, however, was shocked because while she loved Ivy as a villain and an environmentalist, she didn’t realize what the end of Ivy’s botanic days might look like. Seeing Ivy lick the destruction, Harley tapped into her own righteous nature to enact a Hail Mary.

Harley made a zombie vomit on her, turning her into a hybrid plant. It was the only way she could force Ivy’s hand, which allowed the Plant Queen to incapacitate Frank and the zombies, thus stopping Harley from getting infected. This act of mercy reminded fans that while Ivy wanted to make the world pay to pollute, cut and burn, her love for Harley was stronger. Still, it leaves an opening for Ivy to weigh how she sacrificed her dream for Harley and go back to being a berserker down the line, creating another nuanced story of conflict, love, and duty if Harley wanted to be more selfless.

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