‘High-stepper’ Kay Ivey went all out


This is an opinion cartoon.

And now, a brief history of Kay Ivey’s recent campaign ads. what is the governor
thought? Spoiler alert: Not a lot.

Poor, Governor Ivey. In her first primary campaign ad, she thought Joe Biden was running for governor of Alabama. After struggling not to say anything bad about the president, she drummed her fingers on her desk for a moment before delivering the cash shot: “Bless his heart.” Minimalist. Clumsy. No issues addressed. Probably illegal. Aren’t there laws prohibiting incumbents from using their office as a political prop?

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In another ad, some goobers at a shooting range praise Ivey for protecting them from the CRT while the Governor shoots a target. She stops, looks in their direction and says, “No step too high for a tall steppah.” Minimalist. No real problems. Clumsy. Guns, guns, guns.

I’m going to yield to Kyle Whitmire’s pointed thoughts on the subject. Check out his column:

Kay Ivey sells her soul to Donald Trump


I don’t know where Kay Ivey stands in the polls, but she’s sure to act like she’s losing. Look at his ads.

Two years ago, after Ivey was caught lying about once wearing blackface, she promised to do better. And now? She claims to have “banned” the CRT when she did no such thing, she signs restroom bans and “don’t say gay” bills, and her latest commercial targeting immigrants, titled “No Way , Jose”, is so gruesome it’s cartoonish.

If Ivey gets any more racist than her last commercial, she’ll need another shoe shine can.

… Ivey is on television across Alabama accusing Joe Biden and others of committing the biggest voter fraud in American history.

“Fake news, big tech, and blue state liberals stole the election from President Trump, but here in Alabama, we’re making sure that never happens,” Ivey said in his announcement.

The timing says it all. So far, Ivey hasn’t had much to say about the 2020 election, but with the GOP primary just weeks away, the governor suddenly has an idea.

Unfortunately, that’s the bad one. And it is dangerous.

After a year and a half of research, no evidence exists that voter fraud tipped the 2020 presidential election. Even partisan ‘audits’ of elections in swing states refuted such claims.

Despite all of this, Ivey is on TV saying the election was stolen, and in doing so, she lends legitimacy to those who stormed the Capitol last year.

It’s one thing for crazy people to get their news on Q-anon message boards. But if you’re sitting at home watching Wheel of Fortune and the governor of Alabama comes on the TV and tells you that our government has been stolen from the people, people should be able to take that seriously.

But why is she saying that now?

Ivey is not trying to convince Alabamians to believe the Big Lie. She tries to convince Republican primary voters that she believes the big lie.

And that’s the scariest thing.

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