How did The Boys season 3 change Herogasm? Differences between the comics and the show explored


With the beginnings of Herogasm, The boys Season 3 just raised the bar to 11. After being hyped up by showrunner Eric Kripke for over a year, Herogasm was an hour of television that, even described in words, wouldn’t be enough to capture just how crazy it was.

This season especially The boys took vast swings as they began to deviate even further from the comics. Most important so far is that the character of Soldier Boy is entirely different from how he’s been portrayed in the comics.

Along the same lines, Herogasm’s depiction also underwent significant changes, including a change in location and scale of Herogasm, as well as Homelander meeting Soldier Boy.

Here, we take a closer look at how the comic and the series differed in their portrayal of Herogasm.

The boys Season 3: TV Show vs Comic Book Version of Herogasm Explored

So the word on the street is that the Herogasm arc was way wilder in the comics than the show???

Herogasm was a six-issue comic book spin-off from The boys which was released in 2009. Set between #30 and #31 of the comics, Herogasm was later made into the main series itself and adapted into the fifth volume of the comic. It was also written by Garth Ennis.

While the core concept ideas between the comics and the series are the same, minor differences here and there prevent them from being completely identical.

Herogasm, as the name suggests, features a massive superhero orgy that sees everyone get together for the weekend. Everything happens at Herogasm, whether legal or illegal.

In the comics, Herogasm is an annual event sponsored by Vought that sees Supes from around the world meet on a remote tropical island. The island has a large beach and a sumptuous resort. The event is also kept secret from the rest of the world, where people believe the heroes are battling a great threat.

In The boys Season 3, the event is of a much smaller scale than featured in the comics. Here, Herogasm takes place in the TNT Twins’ house and apparently only lasts one day. It’s also not a Vought-sponsored event, just a group of superheroes who decide to get together.

this scene is why Homelander is one of the best villains in comics. Antony Starr is PERFECT

The events of the series are also quite different, as Soldier Boy and Homelander fight in the episode, as opposed to the comics, where they participate in the orgy.

Hughie is also assaulted by Black Noir in the comics, while the series sees him having a conversation with Starlight and helping Butcher and Soldier Boy in their fight against Homelander.

I don’t know if I could ever not see what I saw in #Herogasm but #The boys is the best superhero show ever made. The acting, the story, the parodies are all 10/10. #The boysTelevision knows its place and purpose better than any show ever created.

The episode ended with Homelander taking out the TNT Twins as revenge on them during the time they sold him out to the Russians.

More chaos is expected in the next episode of this season of The boys when it premieres this Friday.

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