I could listen to Brian Kelly’s shameless hypocrisy about his players making zero money all day


…that we get Brian Kelly – who has firmly established himself as the poster child for WHY athletes like Zay Flowers deserve to enjoy their playing careers – speaks out against the unfairness of the new system:

“Certainly, I am in favor of student-athletes highlighting their brand, and having their name, their image and their likeness. We are now in a situation where there are unintended consequences. I don’t know if anyone thought we would get to the point where high school seniors would have multi-million dollar contracts. We are looking for guys entering the transfer portal because they want to get paid to play. But it’s not the name, the image and the likeness that had to be done. And so we will have to make corrections. It is not a sustainable model from this point of view.

“I want to be able to develop, recruit and retain my players. And retention, from our point of view, is the opportunity for our guys to earn name, image and likeness opportunities, and that will allow you to retain your players. I’m not a huge fan of a freshman who hasn’t played down and has a big contract. It’s not good for your locker room. It’s not good for anyone, and the same goes for transfers.”

Rarely do you ever see a negative human trait so perfectly expressed as Brian Kelly managed to put his own blatant dishonesty into words here. If for some reason we decide to build a Tomb of the Unknown Hypocrite, this quote should be carved in granite over it.

It’s really impressive that anyone can be unaware of themselves. Or more so, if he understands exactly how it’s going to be received, and just doesn’t care. I mean imagine the balls of adamantium it takes to pretend you care how his players paid for their own name and image and likeness will do a locker room when he did that in his locker room where nobody other than he received paid:

Kelly is a curly mustache, black cape and two bags with “$” on them far from the perfect cartoon villain. And yet, he has the absolute nerve to say he’s worried about the negative effects of money on college football. The uninhibited audacity to worry about how boosters will attract athletes to other programs, while he sleeps every night on a mountain of LSU treasures like Smaug. He takes the fumes and drops to his couch passed out at the mere thought of one of his “student-athletes” telling him he’s taking the money to go somewhere else. Maybe even at an inopportune time like – as they say at Notre Dame, God forbid – the Tigers head to a bowling game on New Years Day. You wouldn’t want someone’s desire for personal wealth to get in the way of the greater good of the program, would you? It would be wrong.

So in a weird, retrograde, twisted way, you almost have to admire the shamelessness on display here. Brian Kelly is a television minister who preaches the Gospels while buying his fifth mansion. He is a politician who takes bribes while campaigning to get money out of politics. He’s a business mogul who takes bailouts from the government while complaining that his tax dollars pay for programs for workers.

He’s talking about everyone selling their services to the highest bidder, as long as “everyone” only refers to the percentage of the college football population that answers to the name “Brian Kelly.” Something that makes his very lucrative new job more difficult? Well, this is going to require some “corrections”.

I just can’t wait to see him explain it the first time LSU boosters use NILs to steal a player from another program. It should be impressive. Kelly has a genius knack for being a weasel.


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