Is ‘So I’m a spider so what?’ Do you have a season 2?


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So I’m a spider, so what? is a 2021 anime series adapted from a light novel of the same name. The anime’s first season aired from January to July, and after its success, fans were looking forward to a second season. So the question everyone wants an answer to is: will they get it? Although we’re sure you can’t wait to find out, first of all.

What is this anime about?

So I’m a spider, so what? has a pretty unique premise. After a mysterious spell is cast, a teenage girl finds herself in a new fantasy world and, to make matters worse, she is reincarnated as a spider. Now she has to rely on her instincts to survive, which is no easy task. As one can only imagine, getting used to a foreign body is already a struggle, but getting that new body to be that of a spider is a whole different level of difficulty. At the start of the anime, this friendly spider struggles to fend for herself in Elroe’s Great Labyrinth, a dangerous place teeming with monsters much bigger and stronger than her. However, overcoming all the obstacles that stand in his way helps him to become stronger and learn new skills, like in a video game.

You may have already noticed that this character’s name was not mentioned. Or maybe you haven’t, but you absolutely should – everything happens for a reason. The protagonist’s backstory is a huge enigma throughout the anime and novel, so much so that even his human name isn’t known at first. His true identity is perhaps the best-kept secret in history, sparking many debates and theories among fans. Although the premise sounds silly, as you can probably tell, this story has a touch of mystery and can be quite dark at times, mixing raw survival scenes with great comic relief. In short, an anime for all tastes.

Will there be a second season?

It’s been over a year since the conclusion of the first season, and at present, So I’m a spider, so what? unfortunately has not yet been renewed for a season two. Despite this, there is still no reason to panic. The thing to understand about anime is that they usually take longer breaks between seasons than your favorite TV shows because working on animation is a slow process by nature. On top of that, sometimes studios just don’t expect the popularity of an anime and therefore don’t plan ahead for future seasons. This means that if a second season isn’t planned from the get-go, it’s likely fans will be left hanging for quite some time. This can happen to even the most popular anime series, sometimes with three or four year gaps between seasons.

Considering all of this, along with the success of the first season, fans can hold out hope for a second season. And for those who didn’t watch the first one, be sure to check it out if this reading piqued your interest. You might discover your new favorite series.


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