Kate Movie Review & Movie Summary (2021)


After her superb and memorable turn in “Birds of Prey”, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is given the reins of her own action film. Winstead is not only a very believable agent of violence, she also offers interesting approaches to her scenes. There is something quirky and unique about her, something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you can feel her presence. I find her compulsively watchable, which is why I found this dreck so aggravating. She’s clearly having fun here, but she deserves better than the heated plot details that every female assassin movie has to contain. The assassin is still a lone wolf, abandoned by her family before being adopted by a male authority figure who trains and guides her before eventually becoming an adversary form she has to face against her will. .

Here the male mentor is called in by Woody Harrelson. And I don’t mean to say that figuratively: 80% of his performance is literally on the phone. If you look intently into his eyes, you can see the ATM where he deposited the check for this movie. Harrison’s Varrick is the manager of the main character of Winstead, the only person Kate trusts. When the film opens, she is in Osaka, Japan on a mission that goes wrong as you might expect. Despite the rules prohibiting shooting at people in the presence of children, Kate fires a shot that brings her target out in front of her child. Fast forward to Kate’s ‘last mission’, where she’ll end up teaming up with an exuberant teenage girl named Ani (Miku Patricia Martineau). Guess how it relates to this previous execution?

Before getting to Ani, Kate gets into a fight with a guy who fatally poisons her with something that will kill her in 24 hours. She will not only have to find out why she was murdered, but she will also have to avenge her own death. The only thing that keeps her going are injections of adrenaline every hour. So, we have an injection of “DOA” here (the hideous’ 80s remake, i.e. not the original). Along with the external wounds and horrific scars Kate will suffer fighting countless opponents, the poison quickly rots her from the inside. Many scenes of vomiting ensue, as well as falling teeth and blood flowing from unwanted places without provocation. It adds a nice touch of “The Fly” to the procedure (the awesome ’80s remake, ie not the original).


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