Legacies Creator Reveals Characters Viewers Would Have Met In Season 5


Thursday saw the end of Legacy after four seasons on The CW, but while the episode “Just Don’t Be a Stranger, Okay?” crowned the series and the long run The Vampire Diaries franchise, it wasn’t necessarily originally intended to be the end. While the network warned the series that season 4 might be its last and allowed them to create a proper ending, there were plans for a fifth season and according to creator Julie Plec it would have seen the introduction of a character that fans have been waiting for: Stefanie Salvatore, Damon and Elena’s daughter.

The daughter of now-human Damon and Elena Salvatore, Stefanie is mentioned in the show’s first season as part of an alternate reality, but never appeared on the show – though fans have long hoped the kids of Damon and Elena would make an appearance. Plec said TVLine which had Legacy went to season 5, bringing Stefanie Salvatore to the series was “right at the top of our whiteboard as the character we planned to introduce, should the show move forward”.

“In my mind, Damon and Elena had kids in our timeline,” Plec said. “The way we alluded to her in the genius episode was like she was 12 or 13, but in the Legacy timeline, their kids were younger, probably toddlers.”

How the show would have presented Stefanie is something Plec said she wasn’t sure about, noting that a time jump or other time manipulation could have been possible. And Stefanie Salvatore’s arrival isn’t the only thing fans hoped might have been possible in Season 5. Candice King, who appeared in the finale as Caroline Forbes, revealed she hoped they could have seen more. of Caroline as the principal of the Salvatore School in another season.

“I’ve crossed my fingers and toes for a Season 5,” King said. “I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to see Caroline take on this role of director.”

While a fifth season of Legacy isn’t in the cards, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost of eventually seeing Stefanie Salvatore. Plec also stated that The Vampire Diaries The franchise will continue with another series, although it is still in the early stages of planning.

“We had a plan to keep the franchise on the air until the next episode, which exists in our brains, but not yet on the page,” Plec revealed.

“There will be another one,” added Plec. “We’re a bit sad, we’re going to pick up a pace, but yeah, there are more ideas. There’s more to do.


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