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• NYT Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas, The Rocketeer, Nixon), beloved actor and father of Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino, has died at 83
• Guardian Sad news: Shonka Dukureh, who sang “Hound Dog” in her feature debut in Elvis as Big Mama Thornton died aged just 44

Links much happier after the jump involving “Horse in Motion” from Nope‘All the Way’ Mae’s A league apartJessica Chastain’s new movie, and more…

• THR Destin Daniel Cretton, who wowed critics with Short Term 12 before winning over audiences with Shang-Chi, has just gotten a Marvel promotion. he will lead Avengers: Kang Dynasty (2025)
• Vulture VFX houses what it’s like to work with Marvel Studios (the situation is pretty dire, as it always is with anything approaching monopolies)
• Deadline BAFTA is tinkering with its rules again. To make a very long story they are looking at a 50/50 split for general voters and special committees to determine nominees instead of special committees getting more nominees like before
• Fascinating NYT piece on the famous “Horse in Motion” photograph mythologized in Nope
cartoon brew Light year will likely end its run as the lowest-grossing Pixar film of the 21st century (yes even below The Good Dinosaur). Will he find new streaming fans on Disney+?
Lawyer Maybelle Blair, known as “All the way Mae” of A league apart, did interviews for the new version of the beloved women’s baseball movie series. She says 2/3 of female ballplayers were gay
• /Film as if its American remake wasn’t enough of the classic Swedish horror film Leave the one on the right in has now spawned an entire American series so here’s the trailer
Pajiba Interesting Amazon Comparison The boys is Zach Snyder’s adaptation of watchmen (2009) and why The boys is clearly superior despite similar goals
/Movie Everything We Know About Jessica Chastain/Eddie Redmayne’s True Crime Picture The good nurse

off screen
• Claybourne Elder from Playbill Broadway (Company, The Golden Age) pay it forward due to a 15 year act of kindness
• Out Ricky Martin and her Swedish husband Yosef are moving on now that the allegations against Martin by his own nephew (which would have ended his career forever, if true) have been dropped


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