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New season premieres July 17

A special streaming session for the Love Live! Super star!! anime released the extended version of the second season’s promotional video on Saturday.

Members of the anime Liella! The idol group itself had planned to appear in a live stream on Saturday. However, See you Sayuri (Kanon Shibuya), Liyuu (Tang Keke), and Naomi Payton (Sumire Heanna) had a taxi accident on July 3. The members said on Twitter that they were lightly injured and not seriously injured. The three recover.

Crunchyroll aired the first season in the UK and Ireland, and describes the story:

The first students arrived at Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, a new academy built at the crossroads of Omotesando, Harajuku and Aoyama. With no history, no upper class to rely on and no name to speak of, this school is starting from scratch!
In the midst of this, a team of five girls led by Kanon Shibuya discovers the “school idols”.
-I love to sing! I really do! And I want to accomplish something with it!
So the hopes of these stars, still small, begin to pile up…and so begins the “School Idol Project” of five girls with a blank page and infinite potential.

Members of Liella! to understand:

  • See you Sayuri like Kanon Shibuya
  • Liyuu like Tang Keke
  • Nako Misaki as Chisato Arashi
  • Naomi Payton as Sumire Heanna
  • Nagisa Aoyama as Ren Hazuki

The second season of the anime will air on NHK Educational July 17.

The first season of Love Live! Super star!! tv anime premiered on NHK Educational in July 2021 and aired for 12 episodes. Funimation streamed the series as it aired.

Hajime Yatatethe collective pseudonym of the staff of Sunriseis again credited for the original work. Sakurako Kimino is also credited again for the original concept, as in previous Love Live! animated. Takahiko Kyōgokuthe director of the original Love Live! school idol project and the following film, returns as a director alongside Love Live! school idol project and Love live! Sunshine!! writer Jukki Hanada. Atsushi Saito (black fox) fits franchise character creator Yuhei Murotaoriginal character designs. Yoshiaki Fujisawa also returns from the first Love Live! series as a composer for music.

Source: Love Live! franchiseit is website Going through otakomu


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