Marvel Comics’ Merc With The Mouth Is Back In Business This November In New Ongoing Series DEADPOOL


Marvel Comics has finally announced the launch of a new dead Pool ongoing series, and the Merc with the Mouth is going to be put to the test in suitably crazy and bloody fashion. Read on for more details!

The next era of Deadpool begins in November, and the Merc with the Mouth will have to be deadlier than ever to deal with what lies ahead.

This new dead Pool the ongoing series will be written by Alyssa Wong, known for her acclaimed work on thrilling books like Star Wars: Doctor Aphra and iron fistand drawn by Martin Coccolo, the artist currently wowing readers in the action-packed film Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War crossing.

Marvel’s two rising stars will unleash their pent-up aggression against everyone’s pizza-faced, jabber-mouthed, misguided, hate-to-love, love-to-hate favorites in The New Adventures of Deadpool. which are loaded with riotous violence and relentless body horror.

Deadpool’s latest single-player exploits will kick off with a bang as a new group of mercenaries sends Deadpool on one of his most dangerous missions, an intoxicating villain unleashes a twisted plan on Wade’s body with gruesome side effects, and a new steamy romance arrives on the scene to drive Wade crazy.

The world knows that Wade Wilson is one of the best mercenaries/assassins in the Marvel Universe, even if he is at the same time the most annoying, but he is pushing to make this recognition official as he auditions for the band. elite known as the Workshop. Now he has 48 hours to kill one of the world’s most famous villains. Only problem? He’s been kidnapped, and something…strange…is growing inside him.

“I love chaos. And what is Deadpool but chaos incarnate? I’m honored to take the reins of Wade’s next solo adventure: expect romance, expect body horror and expect a moment of madness!” Wong promises.

“Some time ago I had to do a ten-page story for Deadpool: Black, White & Blood,” Coccolo adds. “It was an awesome, albeit short, experience that made me want to know more, so when I was asked if I wanted to take the reins of a new Deadpool series, I said yes. resounding! Then I read Alyssa’s script and I loved it! Their script is inventive, dynamic and very funny and working with Alyssa is a real pleasure. They are the best!”

Deadpool #1 hits comic book stores in November, and you can check out Coccolo’s cover for the issue below.


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