Marvel Comics Reveals 8 New ‘tentpole’ Titles at Marvel Studios


Eight new Marvel comic book titles have been announced as part of the company’s celebration of its 82nd anniversary.

Slated to roll out in late 2021 and early 2021, these eight titles are pegged by the company to “shape the future of the Marvel Universe in the months ahead.”

reign of the devil

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From the current Daredevil led by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto, longtime villain Kingpin turns his grip on New York City as mayor into a vise by banning all superheroes and releasing everything he and the city government have about the heroes’ secret identities and more.

Brandishing a new version of the Thunderbolts that he debuted during ‘King in Black“, Kingpin will face Daredevil, Elektra, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, “and more”.

Devil’s Reign debuts in December.

avengers forever

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The classic ’90s storyline Avengers Forever returns in name and spirit in December as a multiversal formation of Avengers are recruited to “put some order in the timelines where ‘hope’ is a four-letter word.”

The recruits include an alternate reality version of Tony Stark where he is an archaeologist and “Invincible Ant-Man”.

Avengers writer Jason Aaron has been teasing this kind of event for about a year and recently featured a Multiversal Masters of Evil special in Avengers/Hulk: Free Comic Book Day. For this all-new Avengers Forever ongoing series, Aaron is teaming up with artist Aaron Kuder.

“…stems from the colossal events of Avengers #50/750 this November,” Aaron writes on this blog. “A whole lot of old and new characters, a whole lot of craziness, a whole lot of fun to be had.”

Avengers Forever debuts in December.


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From Kang the Conqueror’s current limited series, Timeless will follow the titular tyrant of time as he defends the main Marvel Universe of 616 against an “ominous new timeline” that has emerged.

(Shades of Disney Plus’ Loki and the Time Variance Authority’s views on the Marvel Multiverse, huh?)

The writer Jed Mackay works there with a trio of artists: Kev Walker, Joe Bennett and Mark Bagley.

Timeless debuts in December.

X lives and X deaths of Wolverine

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Wolverine has been through the wringer in its lifetime, but its current ongoing series writer Ben Percy plans to up the stakes in two interlocking limited series titled X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine.

Similar to the format of the House of X and Powers of X twin, these two series will, according to Marvel, show “what happens to Wolverine when…His past meets his future.”

That’s their capitalization, but it could refer to all the different alternate reality versions of Wolverine operating in the Marvel Multiverse, including former Days of Future Past Logan.

Percy- who calls him “the ultimate Wolverine story”, will be joined on this subject by his X-Force partner Joshua Cassara, as well as Federico Vicentini.

X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine are both set to debut in January 2022.


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Coinciding with the upcoming Disney Plus series, She-Hulk returns to comic book shelves with a new ongoing series from Runaways writer Rainbow Rowell and Hellions artist Rogê Antônio.

Picking up after the amplified version of She-Hulk in the ongoing Avengers series and the current “World War She-Hulk” storyline that she kidnapped and submitted to the Black Widow Red Room reprogramming facility, this new series will follow Jennifer Walters as that she’s trying to put it all behind her and find a life outside of superheroism as a lawyer.

But as a famous movie gangster once said, just when She-Hulk thinks she’s out, they bring her back. The “they” in this situation is an unnamed “friend from his past”.

She-Hulk debuts in January 2022.

Fantastic Four: Reckoning War

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For the past 15 years, Marvel writer Dan Slott has been involved in a mysterious event called “The Reckoning War” in his various titles ranging from She-Hulk to the current Fantastic Four, and now it’s finally happening with Fantastic Four: The Reckoning War.

Described as a re-enactment of “the Marvel Universe’s original Secret War” (likely referencing the early ’80s Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars event), Fantastic Four: The Reckoning War will be drawn by Carlos Pacheco and Rachael Stott .

“The War of Judgment is HUGE” Slott tweets.

“If you hunt down all the past [Reckoning War] clues on Marvel Unlimited or your long boxes, it’s going to be fun!”

But Slott also tells his social media followers that new readers will be able to jump in “as the biggest, most cosmic, comprehensive Marvel story ever unleashes – featuring the best comic book characters!”

“I read a comic that was a key story in the Marvel Universe when I was [eight years old]”, Slott reveals in another tweet, presumably talking about the original Secret Wars. “And I always wondered what would happen if there was a secret sequel, and how it would put everyone and everything at risk. I always wanted to tell that story.

“And now I can do it.”

Fantastic Four: The Reckoning War debuts in January 2022.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

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Ahead of the Disney Channel Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur animated series debuting in 2022, Marvel is relaunching the original limited series. Unlike today’s other seven announcements, the publisher doesn’t reveal the creators involved or any meaningful hints about the storyline.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will debut in February 2022.

All of these new titles will try to compete for a spot on Newsarama’s list of best marvel stories of all time.


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