Marvel’s Avengers recreates Spider-Man scoring meme from the ’60s cartoon


To celebrate the imminent addition of the Wall Robot to its roster, Marvel’s Avengers released an in-game recreation of Spider-Man’s pointing meme.

In an opportunity too easy to pass up, Marvel’s Avengers recreated the iconic Spider Man pointing the meme using the next web hero from the title. After being announced over a year ago by developer Crystal Dynamics, Marvel’s beloved arachnid adventurer will finally join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on November 30. Marvel’s Avengers The Spider-Man gameplay trailer recently showed off the hero’s acrobatic combat moves, web-based special attacks, and unique traverse.

Before the release of Marvel’s Avengers In September 2020, Crystal Dynamics announced that Spider-Man would one day join the title’s ever-expanding roster. Unfortunately, the web-head will be available exclusively on PlayStation consoles, and more than a year later, the spectacular superhero was only recently revealed. The character’s gameplay promises to be quite unique, however, with the web swaying and wall crawling making his movement stand out from the rest of the game’s cast. Fast-paced combat, complemented by a variety of moves based on the web, should also make Spidey’s fight authentic to his signature style. While Marvel’s Avengers won’t add Spider-Man story missions, the tale of the friendly neighborhood hero will be told through a series of small missions and original cutscenes.


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A humorous Twitter post from Marvel’s Avengers recreates the famous Spider-Man pointing meme which is inspired by the hero’s cartoon series of the 1960s. The meme, which sees two Spider-Men pointing fingers at each other in an alley, is often used to convey a situation of danger. ‘impostor. The recognizable image has already been recreated by Insomniac Games to celebrate Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the meme also makes an appearance in the animated film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. In order to stay really true to the original ’60s cartoon, the Crystal Dynamics video uses the classic Spider-Man costume rather than Marvel’s Avengersoriginal Iconic Suit design that takes more liberties by modernizing its red and blue tights.

Despite Spider-Man’s console exclusivity, Crystal Dynamics seems to be going all out to faithfully adapt the creepy crime fighter. The character’s sense of humor and charisma are captured by voice actor Sean Chiplock, who plays an experienced but still teenage Spidey. The hero storyline would emphasize his interactions with the other Avengers, as he had previously been a strictly solo superhero. The outfits of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers also pay homage to many of the most popular designs from its long comic book history, with costumes such as the gothic Spider-Man Noir and the brilliant Spider-Armor adding a variety of cosmetics to choose from.

The Spider-Man pointing meme has grown hugely popular over the past few years, with many different adaptations paying homage to the humorous image. The upcoming version of Spider-Man Marvel’s Avengers seems pretty true to the character’s core, so it seems appropriate to adapt one of his more well-known memes as well. With Marvel’s Avengers players able to team up as any combination from the list available, two or more PlayStation users will be able to recreate the Spider Man even themselves from November 30.

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Marvel’s Avengers is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, and Google Stadia.

Source: Marvel’s Avengers / Twitter

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