Meet the Woman Behind LA’s Most Wanted Eyelash Extensions | Interview


Around the same time, Sahaba began to feel discouraged about shifting her college courses to an online format. Without going back and forth to class, she needed something to occupy her time. Having her eyelashes done every two weeks has proven to be a fun alternative. On her dates, Sahaba would ask her lash artist how she got into the industry, and she shared how life-changing it was. “[The artist] said she met incredible and beautiful women every day who inspired her,” Sahaba recalled. “She worked in her own private suite and she was only 18.

Suddenly, Sahaba, who was 20 at the time, felt a spark of motivation for the first time since the pandemic began and decided to take classes at a beauty school. She quickly fell in love with learning how to apply eyelashes and bought a mannequin head to practice on. “When you get certified, they only teach you surface techniques,” says Sahaba. “All the styles you have to make them yourself, so I watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to do wispy sets and add longer pieces.” Through trial and error, she learned what types of curls and placements worked best on certain eye shapes. Sahaba also played on the fact that she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup herself and prefers more wispy, natural looks.

After two months, Sahaba was ready to move on to practicing her eyelash extension skills on real people, primarily her neighbors and family members. She didn’t blame them but had one condition: “Bring a picture of the most beautiful set of eyelashes you’ve ever seen in your life, and I’ll try to recreate that for you.” She also asked them what they hated about their old sets of eyelash extensions, such as irritation, sagging, heaviness and discomfort, and did her best to address these issues.

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