Meghan Markle News – The Duchess ‘wanted INSTANT superstar status like Diana without doing the boring work’


Meghan left humiliated

MEGHAN Markle has been humiliated after her ‘woke bubble’ was ‘burst’ by Netflix deleting her series, a writer has claimed in sensational fashion.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Meghan’s upcoming animated series, Pearl, had been quietly dropped by Netflix.

Prince Harry’s wife served as executive producer on the show, working with a number of big shots including Elton John’s husband David Furnish.

But writing for The Telegraph, Matthew Lynn said the Duchess’ ‘awesome-sounding pearl was a perfect example ‘of how Netflix’ has been captured by a brand of preachy, politically correct and woke programming that is in danger of scaring people away. the public”. .

He suggests that Pearl’s fall from Netflix shows how streaming companies are “beginning to realize that sanctimonious woke programming doesn’t appeal to viewers.”

Lynn continued: “Boring, dignified, preachy and sermonizing (what were the chances the inspirational female leaders featured included an animated Mrs Thatcher discussing the importance of controlling inflation, or even a CGI Queen Elizabeth I on the creation of the world modern in Tudor England?I’m just taking a wild guess here, but maybe not a lofty one), he embodied the worst of Woke-flix.

“But it goes much deeper than that. Very soon, the entertainment industry will have to become again what it always should have been: an entertainment industry.

“Its values ​​should be neither right nor left of center, and with some obvious limitations such as preventing racism or sexism, it should not promote any political agenda.”


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