Michigan’s viral house appears to be inspired by the ‘Smurf’ cartoon


A Smurf house? (Caldwell Banker)

Is this roof great? Abso-Smurfly.

A shiny white Michigan mansion with a Smurf-like blue roof is enjoying its five minutes of internet fame as window shoppers go gaga over its cartoonish look.

The New York Post reports that the West Bloomfield home, on the market for $4.19 million, makes up for its jaded interior photos with its eye-popping roof that is buzzing the internet.

“If your house doesn’t have a Smurf roof, don’t even think about inviting me,” Instagramer Zillow Gone Wild captioned a post about the house.

“I live here and sometimes drive on this road just to soak up the good vibes from this rooftop,” wrote one fan.

But the house isn’t all about the roof that would make Architect Smurf proud (Yes, he’s a character. We watched him) and Shy Smurf, well, don’t do anything because he doesn’t exist not (see previous note).

The historic home sits on three acres of property on Pine Lake just hours from Detroit, including 175 feet of lake frontage. It includes a 100-foot dock for a jet ski and a boat, plus seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms in nearly 7,500 square feet of space.

There are nine fireplaces in the three-level house, some of which are located in rooms with sleeping porches.

It is also located on and has access to the Pine Lake Golf Course.

Built in 1920, the house has had the same owners since 2005 who have “passionately restored this grand house with period charm and character”, according to the listing.

The Smurfs got their start in Belgian artist Pierre “Peyo” Culliford’s “Johan and Peewit” comic strip but became cult in the 1980s thanks to popular figurines made in their likeness as well as the NBC Saturday cartoon morning that highlighted their antics.

[NY Post] — Vince DiMiceli


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