Multiverse devs are focusing more on an unannounced character due to community requests


MultiVersus has already added or announced a few post-launch fighters such as Morty from rick and morty and LeBron James himself, but given the vast lineup that Warner Bros. and Player First Games can take advantage of, one would assume there are many other possibilities. Players naturally throw requests at the devs for different fighters, and while some of the suggestions seem like more likely possibilities than others, it seems players’ opinions have at least some influence on what happens in the game. Some of these requests seem to have given an unnamed fighter a bit more priority over other characters.

Game director Tony Huynh answered questions about community requests in a Twitter thread started previewing Morty’s arrival. A MultiVersus A fan asked Huynh what he thought of the endless flood of requests to add different characters. Huynh responded by saying that “demand determines a large number of characters” who are pursued and that one of those characters who “would have gone much further” now receives more development resources due to those demands.

The question then becomes, which character is this nameless fighter, but that’s it: we don’t know because they haven’t been announced yet. The good news is that whoever this character is, it’s a character that people have asked for often enough that the devs are tailoring their efforts accordingly, so it should be a character that a lot of people want.

And you don’t have to look far to see what types of characters people are asking for. Even in replies to this tweet and others from Huynh, we see people asking for Mortal Kombat fighters, Lord of the Rings characters, Harry Potter spell casters and others that are entirely possible thanks at Warner Bros. ownership of various properties. There have even been social accounts created entirely to defend different characters such as the “Walter White for the Multiverse” account that has more than 22,000 followers. breaking Bad the character is not a likely candidate for MultiVersus given that the series isn’t owned by Warner Bros., but that hasn’t stopped people from asking.

It’s worth noting, however, that Huynh said player requests changed plans for a character that was already coming to the game (albeit later down the line), not one that was never planned. MultiVersus at all. This means that even if a lot of people ask for a seemingly unlikely character like Walter White, players shouldn’t assume that the vocal group will hold their own with the requests.

Leaks from not too long ago hinted that other unexpected fighters like Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch could also be coming to the game. Cartoon Network characters, DC heroes and villains, and many others, have also been referenced in leaks.


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