Netflix announces new animated shows for kids


Earlier today, Netflix announced a brand new slate of animated kids series that will hit the streaming platform. According to executives, the new shows are part of an increased push to create a family space on Netflix and a space for children to experience diversity on screen.

Netflix announces a new line of animated series for children

Promotional photos for Sonic Prime, Dead End: Paranormal Park, Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Warrior and We Lost Our Human

John Derderian, VP of Animated Series, posted a blog post on Netflix’s official news site this morning announcing that the series would be bringing back anime favorites such as boss baby, which debuted as a 2017 film, followed by Boss Baby: back in business in 2018 and a sequel to the original movie in 2021. Other anime series like The Cuphead Show! (2022), dog shark (2021), and the reboot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2021) would also be back for new episodes or specials on Netflix.

Netflix’s New Anime Releases

Along with the returning shows, Netflix also announced a collection of new anime series, including Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, which will expand the universe of the beloved film trilogy, and sonic prime, the latest in a long line of animated Sonic the Hedgehog shows. Also included on the list were shows like My father the bounty hunter, which features an intergalactic bounty hunter with an everyday Earth family, bewitched Daniel, a new CG anime series, We have lost our human, follow a dog and a cat in a world where humanity has disappeared, and Impasse: paranormal park, formerly known as Dead Endia and based on a series of graphic novels by Steele and Cartoon Hangover.

Many promotional photos released for the new line of animated series on Netflix show diverse characters and unique settings, evidence that aligns with Derderian’s — and the platform’s — goal of providing a safe space for children to enjoy. are exposed to a diversity of all kinds. Release dates for the new series have yet to be announced, according to Deadline, and no information on how those releases might affect Netflix’s current anime shows.


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