Netflix Sci-Fi Horror Anime Series Exception: First Trailer

An exceptional scene

Image: netflix

The space is a reliable creepy placebut things are rising to a new level of “Oh hell no” in Anime Netflix series Exception. With the Earth in the rearview mirror, a terraforming mission leaves for a distant planet, but the mission goes dangerously fast – no, monstrously– askew. Check trailer here!

exception | Official trailer | netflix

Here’s the official synopsis for the show, which is sure to mix big questions (like “What makes a human human?”) into its run and scream through deep space. stock: “In the distant future, humanity has been forced to leave Earth and migrate to another galaxy. A spacecraft is sent to a planet to terraform it and the crew is created one by one by a biological 3D printer. However, a fatal error occurs while creating one of the members, and the crew begins to encounter a series of unpredictable events.

Exception has an original story and a story and screenplay by Hirotaka Adachi, popularly known as the pen Otsuichi (Gothic, I call you), and if the character designs grab your attention, it’s because theyre by Yoshitaka Amano, an influential artist and illustrator whose credits include speed racer, Vampire hunter Dthe Final Fantasy franchiseand Neil Gaiman The sandman: hunters of dreams.

Exception hits Netflix on October 13.

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