New Iron Man Comic Shows Improved Stealth Suit


It looks like Marvel is transforming a lot of classic designs in the latest Iron Man Comic. The preview for issue #22, which drops July 20, shows Tony Stark wearing an all-new stealth suit. This armor is much brighter and much more shimmering than the previous one.

This new issue is an original idea by Christopher Cantwell. He decided to give Stark something new after his personal battles as an “Iron God”. On the cover of the July issue of Iron Man Comic, fans can see Stark flying through the night. However, this suit is drastically different from his signature red stealth suit. Instead, his stealth suit is now black, helping him camouflage in the dark of night.

Artists Alex Ross and Angel Unzueta helped design this costume for the cover. Oscar Vega and Bjorn Barends helped with the variant edition covers.

Spoilers ahead for those unaware of the latest editions of the Iron Man comic.

Tony Stark’s Personal Battles

The last volume of Iron Man Comic focuses on Tony Stark as he comes to terms with his role as a superhero. He began to question the idea that he was saving people instead of seeing himself as a stranger to others. Ultimately, this led to Stark splitting from the “Stark Unlimited” company and focusing solely on machines.

Even so, audiences still question Stark’s intentions and his ego as a superhero. These criticisms go further than usual, with even her closest friends criticizing her identity. Naturally, this leads Stark to ask the same questions.

Vic Martinelli’s Return to the Iron Man Comics

Iron Man Comic

This new costume follows the last time Stark worked as the “Iron God” in the latest Iron Man Comic. Naturally, this period of personal history greatly affected Stark. As such, readers will begin to see the effect this has had on Iron Man as he tries to find his old friend, Vic Martinelli.

Unfortunately, the preview teases that Tony Stark “finds he came too late and Vic was murdered.” Thankfully, there’s no mystery left as to why Vic was killed or who killed him. It was the Titanium Man! Unfortunately, murder goes far beyond simple murder. Tony Stark discovers that Vic’s death was part of a large conspiracy web, somehow tied to the “Rings of the Mandarin”.

Furthermore, this conspiracy seems to have international implications for the Iron Man Comic. Stark is forced to take a trip to Asia to find out the truth of the situation and also stop any evil characters from taking the Mandarin’s rings. To do this, Stark must fight fire with fire working alongside shady characters.

Tony’s earlier armor in the Iron Man comics

Iron Man Comic

Any longtime Iron Man fan will likely recognize the costume from an earlier edition of the Iron Man Comic. In 1981’s issue #152, Stark wore a similar, darker costume. However, unlike the most recent costume, this costume was entirely blue, allowing Stark to truly hide from others. Additionally, Stark outfitted the suit with wire mesh armor.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t until issue #229 that Stark included weapons in the suit. Previously, he only used this darker suit for covert missions. We can expect the new Iron Man suit to be probably much more powerful than this one.

Number 22 of Iron Man comic books out July 20. The next issue, issue 19, will be released very soon on May 4, written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by Alex Ross. Outside of the comic book world, fans can also eagerly await news of a real Iron Man suit.

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