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The editorial cartoon published in the Saturday November 6 issue of The Alpena News really troubles me. He divided the state into several regions, supposedly showing “Michigan as seen from the northeastern part of the state” and labeled the metropolitan area “Down Below.” When we first moved to Rogers City from Southeast Michigan in 1988, I was amused to hear trips to the metro area described as going “down”, as if travelers were entering the streets. very gates of hell. I even started joking around using the phrase myself. But after the murder of George Floyd and the racial unrest in the country, it wasn’t funny anymore. I swore to myself not to use the phrase again. Now I see it crudely displayed on your editorial page.

Plus, the cartoon skull and crossbones placed by Detroit really crossed a line of decency and respect. I was born and raised in Detroit, and am just one of many metro area transplants living in northeast Michigan. We don’t see all of our hometowns as poisonous, and I don’t really enjoy slam, even in cartoon form. This certainly does not help to make Alpena “a warm and friendly port”.

Over the past two years, my husband and I have visited all 103 Michigan State Parks. This project took us to all parts of the state. It was wonderful to see the variety of places and people we have here, making Michigan a vibrant, beautiful and interesting place. Maybe the designer needs to go out more. Or maybe the publisher needs to look elsewhere for cartoons.


City of Rogers

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