NEWS WATCH: ROGUES’ GALLERY Thriller Series Pits Celebrity Against Cosplay Villains In July


The first writer Hannah Rose May (actress known for Shooter, Altered Carbon) and rising star artist Justin Mason (Spider Punk) teams up with fan favorite Declan Shalvey (Time before time, bog body) for a brand new ongoing series titled, Thieves Gallery. This new thriller will be launched by Image Comics in July.

Thieves Gallery is a very topical story that I felt compelled to tell. I wanted to explore what happens when fandom can turn into an unhealthy obsession and where the line between fact and fiction blurs,” May said. “Every superhero has an origin story and that’s Maisie Wade’s story. I’m very fortunate to have worked with such an exceptional team on this series and I’m incredibly thrilled to have my first book published by Image Comics. .

The purge meets Scream in this thrilling story that follows disenfranchised television superhero actress Maisie Wade as she is terrorized by a group of unhinged intruders who cosplay the villains of her day job. If Maisie is to survive the night, she’ll have to be the hero she despises.

Shalvey added: “It’s been great helping guide talented newcomers like Hannah and Justin and helping them make Thieves Gallery a reality. This book is an interesting look at the encounter between superhero media and superhero fiction, with deadly consequences. Hannah Rose May’s writing is razor-sharp and deftly twists Hollywood culture, brilliantly portrayed, moodily changing and thrilling by Justin Mason. Comic book stalwarts like Triona Farrell and Hassan Otsmane Elhou add their experience to really land this unique story.

“Work on Thieves Gallery alongside this talented team it was great, I think we each brought a unique flavor that comes together in an amazing story. Readers will be on a wild ride from start to finish that truly captures the world we live in today,” Mason said.

Cover A by Shalvey – Diamond Code MAY220009

Cover B by Tula Lotay – Diamond Code MAY220010

Blanket C by Mason – Diamond Code MAY220011

Thieves Gallery #1 will be available in comic bookstores on Wednesday July 20:

Thieves Gallery #1 will also be available for purchase on many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books and Google Play.

NEWS WATCH: ROGUES’ GALLERY Thriller Series Pits Celebrity Against Cosplay Villains In July

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