Nicolas Cage Dragon Series Reportedly Heading To Paramount+


Nicolas Cage’s first ongoing TV project is heading to a new home. Almost two years ago, it was announced that Cage would star in the television adaptation of great firethe adult thriller of Artemis Poultry author Eoin Colfer. The series was originally in the works at Amazon Prime Video, with production from MGM. While MGM remains to bring the series to life, it will no longer debut on Prime Video.

According to a report by Deadline, great fire went to Paramount+ from Amazon, with Cage and MGM still attached to the title. Whereas great fire is set to be a live-action television series, Cage will only voice the main character. He’ll play the titular Highfire, a dragon who lives in Louisiana and likes to drink vodka.

The report suggests that great fire aims to have shades of both real detective and pete’s dragon, which is certainly an interesting combination. Davey Holmes, the creator of Get Shorty television series, is developing the series for MGM. Holmes and Cage will serve as executive producers alongside 1.21’s Andrew Mittman.

here’s how great fire is described by Deadline:

“Once upon a time, dragons ruled the earth and Lord Highfire ruled the dragons from his threshing floor. But it’s not once, it’s now, and now all of Lord Highfire’s rules are his shack in the Honey Island swamp in Louisiana. Highfire has become old “Vern” and by day he hides among the alligators, watches cable TV and drinks obscene amounts of vodka to pass the time. a life but he’s alive to live it, and Vern is willing to do whatever it takes – even if it’s violent – to preserve his own skin. When Vern’s world collides with a human teenager named Squib , who finds himself embroiled in trouble while selling booze for the local mob, their mutual struggle for survival becomes entangled in the most unlikely of friendships.”

What do you think of this new television project for Nicolas Cage? Will you be listening when he arrives? Let us know!


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