Patrick Warburton Reveals His Favorite Voice-Over Anime Characters


Of the many animated characters Patrick Warburton has voiced over the years, one stands out above the rest. “Always, the closest and dearest to my heart should be Kronk [from ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’]”, he shared. “Being a Disney-phile – it was in my early days – I had to create the character. I was able to discover and create what it looked like and present it. The makers of the movie loved it, and that’s what we chose.”

Another favorite was the wolf in “Hoodwinked”. “It was a fun project, even though Harvey Weinstein fucked me,” Warburton said, explaining that he was “paid” for the independently produced feature, but negotiated a “final deal” based on the success of the movie. But after Weinstein saw the film and bought it for wider distribution, things didn’t go as Warburton’s contract had described.

“I say, ‘Well, now this is the first independent animated feature to get a major theatrical release. I have a contract. Harvey said, ‘Sue me,'” Warburton said. “It was interesting to be one of the four lead voices in a film that, between national and global, and DVD, grossed at least $250 million…I made a total of about $20,000 on that movie.”


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