Pokemon Journeys shows Ash’s connection to Greninja in new battle


Pokemon Journeys finally brought Ash Ketchum’s long-requested Greninja back to the anime for a new battle in the series’ final episode, and it showed just how good a connection they have after all this time! The latest iteration of the franchise has seen Ash take on all sorts of new challenges as he rises through the ranks of a global tournament, and he’s come face-to-face with plenty of familiar faces from the past. It even led to his reunion with many of the Pokemon he had caught in past regions as well.

After seeing many of Ash’s Pokemon return to the franchise in previous installments, and even teaming up with Ash a few times, the series’ latest installment finally ticked off one of the last in the list of many. fans with Greninja’s return to the anime in Pokemon Journeys. As Ash seeks out this old favorite to help improve his aura connection with Lucario, the latest episode shows that Ash still has a very close bond with Greninja which hasn’t weakened at all despite all their years. of seperation.

Episode 108 of Pokemon Journeys sees Ash and Lucario heading to a forest in the Kalos region to seek Greninja’s help, and it is soon revealed that Ash can sense Greninja’s presence despite not knowing exactly where Greninja actually is in the forest. Ash just knows his Pokémon is in the area, and soon he’s tracking Greninja’s aura to a new kind of battle as the Pokémon faces a ton of evil roots. Afterwards, Ash quickly commands his Greninja into battle, and Greninja just as quickly accepts his tactics into battle.

The two are able to grow stronger pretty quickly thanks to this connection, and it’s clear that their time together was good enough to impact them so many years later. At the same time, it’s also what Lucario needs to successfully enhance his own aura connection with Ash, and hopefully it’s enough to take them further into the future as they face battles. even bigger than ever. Too bad Greninja won’t stay longer.

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