Pokemon World Coronation Series Masters Tournament Guide


Pokemon Journeys is likely about to end with an unprecedented event, with the World Coronation Series Masters tournament featuring Steven, Cynthia, and Leon.

Each generation of Pokémon has its own anime series, and the finales range from the informal to the epic. Pokemon Journeys, the series attached to Sword and Shield and the eighth generation, is expected to release with a bang.

Recent series like XY and Sun & Moon have generally focused on their respective regions. Journeys has a much larger focus, calling on Ash’s former partners and rivals over the years.

This theme continues until the very end. The World Coronation Series of Pokemon Journeys brings together 8 Masters for the biggest tournament in Pokemon history. Here’s what you need to know about the Pokemon Masters tournament, including trainers and support.

What is the World Coronation Series in Pokemon Journeys?

The World Coronation Series is a ranking system for trainers that was introduced in Pokemon Journeys. Many of the biggest names in all of Pokemon are registered participants, but this concept was only introduced Pokemon Journeys.

Trainers are ranked by how well they perform against other participants, with a long list of gym leaders, four elite members and other major characters all included. Since Ash was not a member of the World Coronation Series, he had to rise through the ranks throughout the series. He rises to the top by defeating a number of high-profile characters, including Unovan Champion Iris, Sinnoh Gym Leader Volkner, and Galarian newcomer Marnie.

Ash manages to fight his way into the top eight of the World Coronation Series, dubbed the Masters 8, which allows him to enter the Masters Tournament.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Pokemon Journeys series.

Who participates in the Pokemon Journeys Masters tournament?

The World Coronation Series Masters Tournament in Pokemon Journeys features eight elite trainers, ranked as follows:

  1. Leon
  2. Cynthia
  3. Steve
  4. Spear
  5. Diantha
  6. Alain
  7. Iris
  8. Ash

The Masters Tournament in Pokemon Journeys is notable for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the fact that it brings together many of the most important names in the series. Many of these characters have been among the most protected in the series, rarely being made to look weak.

In addition to the big names involved, it also ties together all of the combat gadgets for the very first time. Mega evolution, Z-moves and Gigantamax will all compete against each other.

World Coronation Series Masters Tournament Support in Pokemon Journeys

The World Coronation Series Masters Tournament draw was unveiled at the start of the event. All eight coaches were placed in a straight and simple elimination bracket to decide a winner.

Opening matches include:

  • Leon versus Alain
  • Spear vs. Diantha
  • Cynthia versus Iris
  • Steven vs. Ash

This ensures that several interesting matches will unfold. As of this writing, all four quarter-final matches have been completed and two highly-anticipated matches are scheduled for the semi-finals. The outcome of the tournament holds huge stakes for the Pokemon series as a whole, with several seemingly invincible characters poised to suffer loss and a possible reboot of the series if Ash can finally become a Pokemon Master.


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