Pop culture fans invade Telford for Wales Comic Con

Lilian Watkins 15 from Scotland with her own creation costume..

Some wore stunning homemade costumes becoming the center of attention themselves, some lined up for hours at the Telford International Center to pay tribute to their favorite celebrities, while others took the opportunity to remember their favorite characters.

15-year-old Lilian Watkins from Scotland arrived as a beautiful unicorn, complete with body, tail, hooves and sparkles.

“Just enjoying the day,” said Lilian, who was there with mum Iona Tasker and dad Peter Watkins, from Ayrshire.

Dad Peter said: “She started when she was six or seven making costumes and this is our second time at Telford.” He added that she was to appear in another fantasy costume on Sunday.

Mum Iona added: “She’s normally very shy. She has long bangs and she’s usually with her head down and looking through, but not when she comes to something like this.”

In addition to at least one unicorn, there were people in Batman, Spider-Man, and comic book hero costumes.

Grum Foss, 55, from Wrexham, was also snapped by Lord of the Rings fans. He disguised himself as the Witch-king of Angmar, complete with a head-crushing tool and a ferociously pointed helmet.

“When Wales Comic Con was at Wrexham, it was just five minutes away for me,” Mr Foss said as he happily claimed to have strangled Essex’s Matthew Young. “It’s one of the best events in the country. I’ve been coming since 2016 but I’ve been into cosplay since 1983.”

They also came dressed as real people, including more than a David Tennant lookalike or two, with many willingly shelling out £90 for a signing by the famous actor who has achieved cult status as the time-traveling doctor .

Arguably Doctor Who’s greatest nemesis, Davros, the creator of the evil Daleks was there too in the guise of a married man from Blackpool.

“Being the baddest man in the universe is better than being Putin right now,” he said in his hoarsest voice, without revealing his real name.

Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell attracted hundreds of fans who lined up for hours for the chance to hand over cash and hang out with their favorite star. The burly security guards would not allow anyone who was not in the paid queue to approach Mr Campbell.

American actor Sam Jones, the original Flash Gordon of the 1980 film, still has the power to attract celebrities which he sees as a “triple blessing” to go higher, succeed and then achieve longevity.

Among the queue to see Sam was Shane Davies, 26, from Shrewsbury, who had come out to “enjoy the day and meet some celebrities. It’s great fun”.

And it wasn’t just about being a famous face, either.

Marc Silk, from Birmingham, is a voice actor with credits including Pingu, Scooby-Doo, the new Thunderbirds, Phantom Menace… and Dangermouse sidekick Penfold.

“Voicers were my heroes growing up, so I’m living the dream,” Marc said, slipping effortlessly between the voices of Bugs Bunny and Scooby-Doo.

Wales Comic Con was also due to take place on Sunday, with another round of talks, meet and greet sessions and the chance to meet celebrities.


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