Primal/Samurai Jack Creator Reveals First Look at New Series


Genndy Tartakovsky has become a major creative player in the world of animation, not just with his beloved series of samurai jack remaining one of the most beloved series to come to Cartoon Network, but with the bloody prehistoric history of Primitive. Now, it looks like the animator is working on a new series which gave fans their first glimpse as part of the Annecy Animation Film Festival later this year. With the new series titled Unicorn: Eternal Warriorsit’s clear that Genndy has a new story to tell.

Tartakovsky first brought samurai jack to Cartoon Network in 2021, becoming a hit that used unique animation styles and storytelling to tell the story of a wandering ronin who is thrust into the future and destined to fight against the great evil known as the ‘Aku. Initially harvesting four seasons, samurai jack would return thanks to Adult Swim to end Jack’s story twelve years after the end of the fourth season, ending the samurai’s journey in an expedition far bloodier than we’ve seen before. With Primitive set to return for its second season this year on Adult Swim, it will be interesting to see when and where Unicorn appears in the future.

The official website of the Annecy Animation Festival shared a first look at Unicorn: Eternal Warriors by Genndy Tartakovsky which will premiere at the upcoming event which runs from June 13-18, with two new images giving us a better look at these new animated characters:

(Photo: Genndy Tartakovsky)
(Photo: Genndy Tartakovsky)

The official description of Unicorn: Eternal Warriors reads as follows:

“Inspired by myths and lore from around the world, we follow a team of young ancient heroes who band together to protect the world from a sinister force.”

While the likes of Samurai Jack, Primal and Dexter’s Laboratory might be the biggest series Genndy Tartakovsky is known for, the creator has also helped create series such as The Powerpuff Girls, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Sym-Bionic Titan and many more. It’s unclear whether or not this series will make it to the small screen, but given Tartakovsky’s resume, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if we saw Unicorn: Warriors Eternal coming to Cartoon Network and/or Adult Swim in the future. .

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