Primark shoppers say the £19 jeans remind them of popular cartoon characters from the early 2000s


High street retailer Primark has launched a brand new pair of vibrant jeans that give kids of the early 2000s a touch of nostalgia.

The budget fashion chain has become well known for stocking merchandise from some of our favorite franchises growing up, including Disney, Harry Potter and The Powerpuff Girls.

And now, shoppers are getting serious about The Fairly Odd Parents vibe, thanks to a pair of jeans that share the same vibrant colors as two of the main characters.

The hit ’00s cartoon followed the adventurous life of a young boy, Timmy Turner, and his two rather odd fairy godmothers. Frankly, it was a staple show for all older millennials.

Primark took to Instagram to share a picture of its new utility-style jeans which come in both a vibrant green and pink colour.

And if you had the Cosmo and Wanda vibes, you wouldn’t be the only one.

The retailer captioned the snap: ” The utilitarian trend is here to stay! Jeans £19/€21/$24 & Skirts £15/€17/$20 hitting stores very soon #Primark #In fashion now.”

The trendy snap managed to rack up 13.2k likes and hundreds of comments from buyers who thought they had turned the animated fairy godfathers into pants.

“Cosmo and Wanda feel,” one shopper commented.

“The 00s called,” said a second.

“COSMO & WANDA,” replied a third.

While several other shoppers all mentioned the similarities between The Odd Godfathers and the jeans, many were eager to get their hands on them.

“Omg I need to get to Primark ASAP!!!” said one excited shopper.

“Yes…..that’s what I’m here for, they’re cute!”, agreed for a second.

“Need need need!!! X,” said a third.

Primark’s £19 utility-style jeans hit stores soon.

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