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A comic book story

Edited by Nick Newman

September 23, 2013

Five decades of classic comics

With over 1,000 of the funniest jokes ever drawn, Private Eye A Cartoon History is a decade-by-decade chronicle of the gags and issues that have tickled the nation’s funny bone sometimes with a hammer.


Private detective number 1564

The Ghislaine Maxwell I’ve Never Met – Exclusive to All Newspapers… A man known to police on both sides of the Atlantic seen roaming free in the grounds of Windsor Castle… The brilliant Kate plays the piano for the charity while lazy, talentless Meghan sits home doing nothing – Daily Middleton Exclusive… Omicron’s variant will devastate the UK and/or harmlessly die out, all columnists agree… Keir Starmer mulls ‘informal non-aggression pact’ with Labor ahead of general election… Covid Research Group freedom campaigners demand maskless version of ITV’s The Masked Singer… Shits complain after seeing humans at sea enjoy New Year’s swim… No raids or arrests in Hong Kong, South China Morning Post-Truth insists… This heartfelt apology from Prince Andrew that he didn’t make in full… Diary of Joan Collins and T aki, as said to Craig Brown

Higher margins on LFT and PPE

EDF and a clumsy chain reaction

New Year’s Honors Roundup


Private detective number 1563


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