Pro-Trump anti-vaccine cartoonist Ben Garrison says he has COVID-19

  • Pro-Trump cartoonist Ben Garrison says he’s treating his COVID-19 with ivermectin and beets.
  • The proven COVID-19 treatments are also not. Garrison said he would “never” go to the hospital to treat him.
  • In contacting Gizmodo, he repeated many false claims about the virus and vaccines.

Right-wing cartoonist Ben Garrison says he has a “rough” case of COVID-19 and treats it with ivermectin and beet juice, according to Gizmodo.

Garrison, known for his strongly pro-Donald Trump cartoons, said at the point of sale in an email on Sunday that he and his wife had been sick for about two weeks with the coronavirus, which they believe he picked up at a restaurant.

Garrison wrote to the store that he and his wife, both in their 60s, drank beet juice and “took ivermectin and various vitamins, including a lot of


. “

Beets have many health benefits, as Insider’s Ashley Laderer reported, but they haven’t been proven to treat or prevent COVID-19.

As for vitamin supplements, including zinc, the Harvard Health Blog wrote in April that “most of the evidence is not convincing” that they could effectively treat the virus.

Ivermectin is an inexpensive, widely available drug that has been misrepresented by fringe doctors as a miracle cure for COVID-19, as Insider’s Hilary Brueck reported.

It has Food and Drug Administration approval to treat certain conditions but not COVID-19; the agency says the available data did not support its use as such, although trials are ongoing.

Nonetheless, it is increasingly presented by opponents of the vaccine as an alternative to COVID-19 vaccines, a position Garrison appears to endorse.

He told Gizmodo that he and his wife would “never” get vaccinated or go to hospital for COVID-19 treatment, while repeating many false claims about both things.

Garrison’s cartoons typically mock Democratic and left-wing figures, but also have a lot to say about the coronavirus – including the endorsement of unproven treatments like ivermectin.

A cartoon, tweeted from an account called @CartoonsBen and purported to be controlled by Garrison and his wife, illustrates this sentiment.

In the cartoon, a horse labeled “ivermectin” is seen kicking a character labeled “Dr Fauci”, who is holding a drooping syringe labeled “industrial medical complex.”

“Get the sense of the horse!” Said the horse – a reference to the fact that ivermectin in the United States is most often used as a veterinary treatment.

In a long blog post accompanying the cartoon on Garrison’s website, he said, “My vet has confirmed that anything your horse can take is safe for humans.” This, as Insider’s Canela López reported, is misleading advice.

Responding to a detailed request for comment from Insider, Garrison said, “Write your propaganda – people know the truth.” He didn’t say if the @CartoonsBen account was his.

Marianne Guenot contributed reporting for this article.


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