‘Q-Force’ canceled on Netflix – No season 2 for Gay Spy Cartoon


Q-ForceThe mission of ended early at Netflix. The animated comedy will not be returning for a second season, TVLine has confirmed.

News from Q-ForceThe cancellation of was first spoken aloud in May when writer/cast member Matt Rogers hosted an episode of the series. attitudes! podcast.

“I loved it,” Rogers said of playing Q-Force‘s Twink, whose lines he recorded in his closet during confinement. “It was so fun to be able to bring joy to something.” Of his cult fanbase, Rogers said, “People who loved him absolutely loved him, and the good news is that he will always be on Netflix. It didn’t have a second season, but it’s here and it exists.

Q-ForceThe first (and now only) 10-episode season followed “Steve Maryweather, aka Agent Mary, who was once the Golden Boy of the American Intelligence Agency (AIA), until he came out as gay” , according to the show’s official login line. “Unable to fire him, the Agency sent him to West Hollywood, to fade into obscurity. Instead, he assembled a misfit crew of LGBTQ+ geniuses. Joining forces with expert mechanic Deb, drag and disguise master Twink and hacker Stat together form Q-Force.

In addition to Rogers, the series featured the voices of Sean Hayes as Agent Mary, Gary Cole as Director Dirk Chunley, David Harbor as Agent Rick Buck, Patti Harrison as Stat, Laurie Metcalf as V and Wanda Sykes as Deb.

TVLine’s streaming TV scorecard has been updated to reflect Q-Forcecancellation.


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