QT Marshall isn’t a fan of wrestlers dressed as comic book characters


AEW star QT Marshall has expressed his distaste for wrestlers dressing up as fictional characters…but he can see some advantages in doing so.

During a recent chat with the folks at Cultaholic Wrestling’s Desert Island Graps, Marshall recalled being told by his former colleague Cody Rhodes about a shift in pro wrestling culture.

It’s more of a nerd culture that kind of took over pro wrestlingsaid Marshall before recalling an interaction with fellow AEW Nyla Rose, who recently took to the ring wearing an outfit inspired by Marvel character Venom.


I remember joking with her about it, like, why would you choose one of the biggest matches of your career to dress like someone else?Marshall wondered. “Then I realized, you know, OK, there are action figures, there are other reasons. I never would because I’ve never been – one, I’m not into that stuff anyway. But also for me, we’re already starting to dress up,” he added. “So why would I want to dress like the character that I want to be and be portrayed?”

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QT Marshall has been a hooker since last March when he turned on Cody Rhodes and The Nightmare Family to form a splinter faction called The Factory. Aaron Solow, Nick Comoroto and Olympian Anthony Ogogo sided with Marshall, while the other Nightmare Family members remained loyal to Cody.

Since then, Marshall and his Factory pals have committed many dastardly acts (like bullying Tony Schiavone) that have earned them the ire of the AEW crowds. Marshall’s appearances always generate boos and jibes, which is exactly what he wants.

“The Twitter universe is going to say I have what we call ‘starting heat’, where they don’t want me at all, but the live crowd says otherwise. When 16,000 people at the United Center are singing, “QT sucks!” I think I’m doing something right“Marshall said in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Dan Gatland in September.

(h/t Wrestling INC for the transcript)

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