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[This story contains spoilers from Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers on Disney+.]

Wait! Who? How?

Tic and Tac: Rescue Rangers dropped on Disney+ Friday, and the film, based on the beloved ’90s cartoon of the same name, features several startling animated and CG cameos from assorted movies and shows inside and outside the kingdom. Disney.

In fact, one of the cameos was so random and funny that it immediately trended on Twitter, and therefore gets all the respect it’s due below in The Hollywood Reporters list of the five – arguably, of course – most enjoyable cameos of Tic and Tac: Rescue Rangers.

ugly sonic

First on the list has to be the guy who’s clearly the most popular right off the bat: “Ugly Sonic.” Trending in Twitter’s Top 10 almost immediately, Ugly Sonic is a hilarious take on the scrapped blue hedgehog character design for 2020 sonic the hedgehog Prime movie. Voiced by comedian Tim Robinson, Ugly Sonic appears at a fan convention in an area reserved for irrelevant characters. The poor guy is trying to make do in the industry as best he can – but it’s pretty clear that the opportunities have dried up and the downsides are his main source of income. But don’t worry, as he puts it, Ugly Sonic is “in on the joke.”

South Park Randy Marais

Randy Marsh gets second place because, based on social media reaction, his appearance in the film is the most shocking. Fan favorite South Park the character is seen briefly hanging out in a bath sauna while Tic and Tac are on a mission. Randy, voiced by series co-creator Trey Parker on the (very grown-up) Comedy Central show, doesn’t speak in Rescue Rangers. He just seems to be relaxing and enjoying his vapor.

Muscle and Skeletor

One of the funniest moments in the film is between He-Man and Skeletor, who appear together at a fan convention. Rendered in their classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 80s animation, the duo are at a table signing pictures when Tic and Tac run underneath to avoid trouble. After Dale sits on He-Man’s foot, the 80s hero freaks out and says there’s something under the table, to which Skeletor replies, “There’s nothing there, you bastard. boob! You walk around without pants long enough, you’ll start to notice every breeze!

Peter Pan

Sweet Pete, aka Peter Pan, is more than a cameo, but THR bent the rules on this one because Sweet Pete has one of the best lines in the movie. Voiced by Will Arnett, the gruff, middle-aged, overweight Peter Pan is one of the film’s antagonists. Obviously, the magic of Neverland has worn off, at which point a bitter Pete has become a crime boss. Towards the end of the movie, in the same convention scene with He-Man and Skeletor, Pete comes across one of the Disney classics. Peter Pan Lost boys. After noting, shocked, that Peter has grown up, Peter replies, “Yeah, death is coming for all of us, kid.”

Roger Rabbit

Last, but certainly not least, is the character whose iconic 1988 film inspired Rescue Rangers: Roger Rabbit. Roger Rabbit’s live-action/animated format is perfectly recreated for Rescue Rangers. And, naturally, Roger Rabbit has a cameo at the start of the film as a hat trick. The best part about the cameo is that Charles Fleischer is reprising the character he voiced in the Robert Zemeckis classic starring the legendary Bob Hoskins. (Additional fun fan note: Eddie Murphy once said that Who Framed Roger Rabbit was the only film he ever regretted being on.)

Honorable Mention: Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen steals a few scenes as a motion-capture Viking dwarf a la World of Warcraft, who works alongside Sweet Pete. But Rogen’s ultimate moment comes when a number of his characters are onscreen together, including Pumbaa from the 2019 version of The Lion KingMantis of the kung fu panda 2009 trilogy and BOB Monsters vs Aliens.


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