Roe’s Flight c. Wade exposes Trump-tainted Supreme Court


This is an opinion cartoon.

Sorry for the disturbing peek under the SCOTUS dress. But if it comes to my mind, it is my duty to pass it on to yours.

Can you believe those nominees Trump chose for the Supreme Court lied in their interviews about what they really wanted to do about Roe v. Wade? Gracious, who saw that coming?

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It seems to me that Trump’s three picks have had a corrupting influence on other conservative justices. I mean, Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginni, never let loose before the Trumpettes came along, did she? And now, this terrible, terrible leak of the anti-Roe v. Judge Samuel Alito’s Wade popped up and all hell broke loose. It’s chaos on the ground.

Yeah. It’s a Trump-tainted Supreme Court. You can tell by their skivvies.

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