Roger’s Best Costumes In The Animated Series, Ranked


American dad! is a long-running adult animated series created by Seth MacFarlane (who also created and starred in the television series The Orville). american dad, which was renewed for a 17th and 18th season in 2020, follows the Smith family with mother and father Francine and Stan raising their adult children Steve and Hailey while getting into all types of shenanigans. The strangest additions to the family are Klaus, the German ski jumper who was swapped with a fish by the CIA, and Roger, an escaped alien whom Stan decides to harbor. Whereas American dad! belongs to the same category as family guyit has its own unique feel, with particular praise for Roger’s hilarious yet diverse performances in particular.

Roger has been a fan-favorite character since the series pilot. In fact, according to We Got This Covered, a american dad the film nearly happened and would have taken audiences to Roger’s home planet. Between his love of all booze and his endless open advice, good and bad, Roger is truly a unique character. Part of what makes Roger’s character so interesting is the fact that he has to use a disguise every time he leaves the house so his identity as an outsider isn’t compromised. As such, Roger has developed a number of characters armed with an arsenal of costumes. These are Roger’s best disguises in american dadclass.


seven Renoir Horse

Cheval Renoir is introduced to the american dad universe when Stan discovers that Jeff is wanted in Florida for illicit activities he carried out for his father. Roger takes matters into his own hands to expose Jeff and get the reward, taking on the character of Horse Renoir. Stan has to compete with Horse Renoir to get to Jeff first, which leads to a lot of high-jinxes, while Jeff is completely unaware of Stan and Roger’s intentions. Horse Renoir is a parody of Dog the Bounty Hunter, evident by his hair, outfit, and weapons. While Horse Renoir isn’t an original character, this parody is still hilarious to watch, especially considering how well Roger is able to drift in and out of character.

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6 Chex Le Meneux

In a very interesting twist of events, when Stan reveals his heroes to Steve, Roger admits that he was a member of the 1980 USA hockey team that won the event known as “Miracle on Ice”. In a state of shock, Stan refuses to believe Roger until he brings Stan to his reunion party, where everyone recognizes Roger as Chex LeMeneux. Stan continues to idolize Roger after this discovery until Roger reveals he was on steroids when the team won, disproving the authenticity of their victory. This leads Stan to eventually discover that U.S. President Ronald Reagan knew about and encouraged the team’s use of steroids. Part of what makes Chex LeMeneux such a phenomenal disguise is the fact that he was an idol to Stan. Plus, the photoshopped images of Roger on the ice are enough to tickle any fun bone.

5 Sidney Huffman

Sidney Huffman is a very unique addition to this list. This soft-spoken Bible salesman is sober and direct, focused on the welfare of the community. Not only was Sidney Huffman a disguise of Roger, but Sidney broke away and became his own person, living a life entirely separate from Roger’s. When Sidney gets involved in Roger’s life, Roger retaliates by making the decision to ruin Sidney’s life, leading him to discover that Sidney is part of Roger. At the end of the episode, Roger comes face to face with Sidney and makes the decision to kill him. This hilarious turn of events makes Sidney one of Roger’s most memorable disguises as he literally split up and lived a life Roger had no idea.

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4 Legman

One of the long-standing jokes in american dad is Roger and Steve’s joint detective force called “Wheels and the Legman”. While Roger wanted to be Wheels when the idea was first conceived, he eventually gave up so Steve could play him instead. Legman’s hilarious personality is bolstered by the presence of Wheels always supporting or contradicting him, making for an interesting episode. Legman appears several times throughout the series when a ridiculous mystery arises that they spend the entire episode trying to solve when the answer is usually obvious. The chemistry between Wheels and Legman led to a number of wholesome moments between them, but also led to a number of silly arguments over nothing, which were eventually resolved.

3 Jeannie Gold

Jeannie Gold makes her first appearance in american dad when Stan and Francine make the decision to renew their wedding vows and Jeannie offers them her services as their Wedding Planner. With her top-notch level of organization, she continues to help the Smiths plan any big event they may have coming up, taking whatever means necessary to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. However, Jeannie is more than just a wedding planner; she is also a sex worker and has two adult sons. Jeannie continued to appear over the course of the series, and the depth of Roger’s disguise shows how dedicated he is to creating a complete character, which even means having children one way or another.

2 Dr Penguin

One of the funniest Roger characters in all American dad! is Dr. Penguin, the psychiatrist. With an office in the attic, Dr. Penguin is open to anyone, as long as they have an appointment. The whole family sees Dr. Penguin for various reasons, seeking advice from the shrink on how to handle their problems. Dr. Penguin, unsurprisingly, gives horrific advice that basically involves everyone lying to each other in order to keep everyone’s facade happy. Klaus expresses a lot of frustration with how Dr. Penguin handles these issues, as Klaus was actually a psychiatrist in his human life. However, despite this, everyone in the family still idolized Dr. Penguin, considering him a genius.

1 ricky spanish

Ricky Spanish is by far the most memorable of Roger’s disguises in American dad! the story. While going through his closet to find someone new, Roger stumbles upon Ricky Spanish’s costume and falls in love with it. However, he doesn’t remember why he didn’t wear it until he left the house. In public, Roger reminisces about the horrible things Ricky Spanish has done, leading to a montage of stills of those horrible things while a whisper of “Ricky Spanish” can be heard in the background. As Roger returns the costume, it becomes clear that the costume causes the wearers to do horrible things, as seen in Stan and Roger donning the costume and embodying the horror that is Ricky Spanish.


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