Saki Mahjong Series’ Gourmet Spinoff Manga Ends May E! News UK


at Meki Meki Someya Mako no Janso Meshi manga launched in June 2019

This year’s eighth issue of Square-Enixit’s Young Gangan magazine revealed on Friday that Ritz Kobayashi and at Meki Meki Someya Mako no Janso Meshi (Mako Someya’s Mahjong Parlor Meal) will end in its next chapter in the magazine’s 10th issue on May 6.

The manga is Kobayashi’s latest spin-off manga Saki manga. The spin-off focuses on Mako Someya, a member of Kiyosumi High’s mahjong team, and his combination of mahjong parlor and foodie.

Kobayashi and Meki Meki launched the manga in Young Gangan in June 2019. Square-Enix released the manga’s second volume on November 25.

Kobayashi and Meshi are also collaborating on Tokithe fifth spin-off manga based on Saki. Toki made its debut in Square-Enixit’s Big gangan monthly magazine in June 2016 and is ongoing.

Yen Press publish the original Saki manga in North America digitally. Kobayashi launched the manga in the magazine in 2006, and it’s ongoing. The manga inspired a television anime series in 2009 and 2014. The manga also inspired a live-action adaptation, and several spin-off manga have inspired anime or live-action adaptations.

Source: Young Gangan number 8


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