San Diego Comic-Con will require masks this year. Here are some costume ideas


Comic-Con International is finally back after two years but the organization is still aware of COVID-19 with new health protocols.

It recently updated its website to indicate that attendees must wear a mask throughout the convention and show proof of vaccination or be able to test negative within 72 hours.

Comic-Con, which runs from July 21 to July 24, is no stranger to colorfully costumed masks. But, the organization is very specific about the type of mask that doesn’t count: mesh face coverings (like a Spider-Man mask), face coverings that have exhalation valves (like a stormtrooper), and neck warmers (like the new female Daredevil).

Additionally, Comic-Con states that masks must be visible at all times and cannot be concealed under headwear and masks. So it’s not like you can put on a mask and throw a Deadpool mask on it.

Attendees may not want to play with the mask rules. The Comic-Con website says guests will be removed if they don’t follow the mask rules. “Security will be on hand to support policy compliance,” it read.

Children under 5 do not need to wear a mask, and the organization said ticket holders who say they cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition are asked not to attend. the event.

Here are some possible ideas according to Comic-Con rules:

1. Mortal Kombat

This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Hiroyuki Sanada in a scene from “Mortal Kombat”. (Warner Bros. Photos via AP)


There are plenty of characters from Mortal Kombat video games and movies who wear masks that could fit into Comic-Con politics: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Kitana, Erron Black, Reptile, and others.

2. Anime characters

Two women at the Middle East Film & Comic Con

Two women wearing masks dressed as anime characters wielding a sword pose for a photo at the Middle East Film & Comic Con in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Thursday, March 5, 2020.


There are quite a few anime characters who wear masks that could work, like Kaneki from “Tokyo Ghoul”, Tomura Shigaraki from “My Hero Academia” (it’s more of a scary hand but could work as a print) , Shie Hassaikai from “My Hero Academia” and Kakuzu from “Naruto”.

3. Black Spiderman

Beth Kellough as Spider-Man Noir wears glasses that mirror her husband's Bob's Green Screen persona.

Beth Kellough as Spider-Man Noir wears glasses that mirror her husband’s Bob’s Green Screen persona at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday.

(Karen Pearlman/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

There are different costume versions of Spider-Man Noir, a Great Depression-era Peter Park, but there’s one that features the kind of facial covering that Comic-Con is looking for. With glasses and the hat, it could work very well. Another Spider-Man character could also work: a female character, Silk (Cindy Moon), wears a red mask.

4. Batman Villains

Joaquin Phoenix in a scene from "Joker"

This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Joaquin Phoenix in a scene from “Joker,” in theaters October 4.


Batman’s most famous villain, Joker, is known for his very wide, laughing smile. Naturally, it was printed and became a popular face covering at the start of the pandemic. A fabric mask, dyed green hair and a purple costume will definitely get the message across. Another Batman villain, Bane, is known for a variety of masks, but don’t wear the one from “The Dark Knight Rises” because it appears to have a few vents. A frequent Batman ally, The Question, could also work if you can find a flesh-colored mask. The character’s face is blank, with no visible mouth, nose, or eyes.

5. Moon Knight

San Diego's Derek Shackleton was dressed as Moon Night

Derek Shackleton of San Diego was dressed as Moon Night from the new Disney series at the Comic-Con Special Edition

(KC Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Fan of the recently completed Disney+ show? A version of Moon Knight’s costume already comes with a face covering and looks tailor-made for the upcoming convention.

Some other ideas are members of The Hand (the bad guys from Daredevil), Mikasa from “Attack on Titan” (red mask with his red scarf), Ibuki from the Street Fighter games, Chamber from the X-Men comics, Commando Spawn (a version from Spawn who wears a red face covering) and Ladytron from WildC.ATS

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