Sarah Huckabee Sanders gives an interview! Will not talk about details. But the party platform has plenty.


Michael Wickline of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette devoted his Saturday to covering the Arkansas Republican Party Congress and was rewarded with a brief interview with the secret gubernatorial candidate, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Looks like it was some kind of ambush interview. Sanders avoids contact with the media.

What followed were his well-rehearsed talking points decrying the national libs which, at last report, are doing little to stem the rise of autocratic theocracy in Arkansas.

No, she wouldn’t offer an opinion on the current debate over teacher pay and income taxes, except to say she supports teachers and lower taxes. Details?

“I think we have to look at the best ways to reward hard work, good teachers,” Sanders said. “But I want to do a comprehensive education reform package, and I’ll be happy to talk about all the details and specifics of that over the next few months.”

.Could these months include those leading up to the November elections? Could she discuss it during a debate with Democratic candidate Chris Jones? Could she ever be questioned about January 6, her former boss’s role in fomenting the riot and then do nothing about it? Where was she on January 6?

She was also evasive about her proposal to end state income tax. No time limit, she said. Lots of factors, “ebb and flow”, etc. But don’t worry, in the meantime, it will eliminate waste, fraud and abuse, the age-old promise of Republicans for decades as they jettison government with incompetent and corrupt stooges. with high salaries.

But if you want specifics, hello, the Republican platform has them.

  • Primary closed. You must register to vote as a Republican to vote in the primary. This would require a change in state law and massive new voter registration for broad turnout. This is to prevent any kind of moderate from voting in the only election that will count in some counties for constable, justice of the peace, sheriff and other local offices. It’s also about keeping any kind of moderate from crossing over to vote for the wrong kind of Republican in the primary. You know, a non-MAGA Republican, of which there are several dozen in the state.
  • No abortions. Mother’s health? Victims of rape? Not mentioned.
  • School checks, eventually destroying conventional public schools.
  • Opposition to gay marriage. Does this mean that a lawsuit is in sight to allow Thomas/Alito to deliver? Arkansas’ ban is still in effect, although blocked by a court ruling.
  • No teaching on racial disunity. The resolution acknowledges that racism exists, but says it is learned, not inherited. True that. This party teaches it daily in word and deed, including denial of systemic racism.

I haven’t seen the final version, but a draft discussed by the conservative Conduit group contained scarier stuff, including a removal of language supporting “equal” branches of government. The draft identifies them as “independent” branches. Also, many more references to religion, including on school campuses.

The Open Government party did not allow the Democrat-Gazette photographer into the meeting, fearing a video of the remarks would be made.

One of the few remaining old-school Republicans in Arkansas had sent me the closed sessions proposal before the meeting. His comment :

I guess it’s more MAGA at full throttle, and while it’s a terrible idea for a party that wants to grow, it might be for the best. One thing is for sure, even more crazies will be elected until voters wake up and realize that only a handful of people are actually eligible to vote in a Republican primary.

Jason Bollinger, the Faulkner County Republican Chairman, circulated several draft closed primary resolutions. He said in one of his drafts:

WHEREAS, recognizing the power of the Republican brand in Arkansas, entities and organizations such as Common Ground Arkansas and leftist journalists have openly advocated for multiparty voting in Republican primaries, further fueling distrust of the preferential primary voting process among legitimate Republican voters;

They really don’t like the Common Ground founder and former Republican Senator Jim Hendren, do they? Bollinger also wrote that legislative leaders are ready to pass legislation to implement closed primaries. Among Bollinger’s comments:

In our state, we have many people who express that the principles of our foundation are the force of evil in the world. That modern problems demand new “modern” philosophies. That the views of federalism, self-government, family values ​​and even the rights given to us by our Creator need to be updated. These “new” values ​​do not represent our party and do not represent our state. These voices openly want our values ​​and our party to lose influence. It is disturbing that through our current open primary process, we are welcoming those same voices who wish to see our destruction by influencing who WE choose to represent OUR party in the general election.

Where’s George Fisher to update the cartoon of Faubus legislative lookalikes in the bad old days with a Statehouse full of Trump clones?

PS: Life is short, but here’s a long Facebook video from one of the 71 scorching conservative Republicans in Pulaski County who weren’t allowed to attend. There had been objections to the form of their registrations and a floor vote to let them in failed. Facebook video poster, Kenneth Wallis, describes himself as being on the other side of the “Asa Hutchinson, Randy Zook, country club Republican” side of the party. Let you and them fight, absolutely.


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