Scary Pokemon Animation Shows Gengar Terrorizing Poke Mart


A Pokemon fan creates a spooky animation that shows the mighty Ghost-type Pokemon Gengar terrorizing a Poke Mart with Shadow Ball.

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the Pokemon The franchise is full of cute and spooky creatures, but the Gengar evolution line may take the cake. It and its previous evolutions were the first Ghost-type Pokémon added to the franchise, and they remain among the most iconic scary pocket monsters in the world. Now a Pokemon fan shares a short animation that shows a Gengar terrorizing a Poke Mart.

Ghost-type Pokémon are a key part of the Pokémon franchise, but they’re not the only ghosts that can be encountered in the series – human ghosts also exist in the world of Pokemon. In fact, some Ghost-type Pokemon even appear to have been living humans. This connection may have something to do with Pokemon being tied to the Shinto concept of kami.


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TikTokker the.revival shared a short 34-second video featuring a 3D animation of someone encountering a Gengar while shopping at a Poke Mart. Poke Mart is one of the leading retailers found throughout the Pokemon world. Its display cases sell gear keys important to any Pokemon journey, including a variety of Poke Balls. It is not the first time Pokemon fans have created some Pokemon-themed animations, but this might be one of the scariest.

In the video, a shopper is shown wandering down an alley lined with Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls from a first-person perspective. After a moment of reflection, they retrieve a Large Ball and add it to their basket. However, when they return to their cart, they find a huge Gengar laughing like mad in front of him. The customer grabs an Ultra Ball, but the Gengar is gone – at least until the customer clears the aisle to discover the Gengar playfully dancing in the open space of the store. The creature then makes a scary face and summons a Shadow Ball before charging onto the screen.

Lots of detail went into creating this video, from the great rendering to the stylized animation. The Gengar features a variety of idle animations that give him a sense of life despite being very undead by default. The rows of Poke Balls on virtual shelves closely resemble the graphics of an in-game Poke Mart, while also evoking the crowd-pleasing feel of wandering a Walmart aisle. Plus, the Shadow Ball move Gengar uses at the end is incredibly intimidating. Its mere presence causes the air to warp and dance like a heat haze, and its power sends nearby papers and fallen items off the shelves before the Gengar even properly attacks. The result does a great job of establishing the power of the creatures found in the Pokemon series.

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