Schools in Kerala welcome 42,90,000 students as new school year begins


June is one of the most anticipated months of this year as schools are ready to welcome students back to campus after a two-year hiatus following the COVID-19 outbreak. A new academic year is due to start in Kerala on Wednesday, June 1.

According to government estimates, there are 42,90,000 students, 1,80,507 teachers and 24,798 non-teaching staff in more than 13,000 schools across the state. Education Minister V Sivankutty said about 4 lakh students had been admitted to the first level.

At the same time, 353 teachers who obtained the appointment of the PSC would take office today.

The Board of CBSE Schools in Kerala has informed that all CBSE schools in the state will also open today.

Students and teachers are excited to return to campuses to enjoy academic and fun days.

School authorities have completed the cleaning of buildings and premises to welcome students in a clean and safe environment.

Deputy Director of Education N Sujaya said strict guidelines have been issued this year regarding building security.

Distribution of textbooks

Meanwhile, the distribution of textbooks in the districts is being completed.

It was the Kudumbasree mission that oversaw the distribution of textbooks this year in Kottayam. Now the third phase of distribution is progressing.

Textbooks had reached the Puthupally hub in the second week of April. These books were then divided to be sent to various distribution centers as early as the first week of May. Approximately 11,94,236 books will be distributed to various government, aided and non-aided schools in the district. More than 85,000 manuals have been sent to the unaided sector.

Special welcome for juniors

School authorities will welcome small children who have just started school with new school bags, candies and other exciting gifts. The classroom walls feature some of their favorite cartoon characters, wild animals and alphabets. Meanwhile, the teachers are busy decorating the classrooms with colorful balloons and confetti. In line with government instructions, arrangements are being made in schools to provide midday meals to children from day one.


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