She-Hulk Star Teases Upcoming Comic Book Characters We Didn’t See In Trailers


So far episodes 1-4 of She-Hulk: Lawyer have included many veteran Marvel characters from the MCU and the comics making their live-action debuts. We’ve seen familiar faces like Bruce Banner and Wong, as well as newcomers Titania. According to the trailer, Daredevil will also make an appearance! It seems that other surprises still await us. will also appear! It seems that other surprises still await us.

The She-HulkThe fourth episode of, according to actress Ginger Gonzaga, will take the series into more comedic territory. future episodes will include more weekly cases, which means new Marvel characters will appear. Some of these characters are very new to the MCU.

“The show is now definitely shifting towards what it looks like when you have small, silly supervillains and superheroes who oppose you or need to be represented by you,” Gonzaga said. “The thing about working in a superhuman law division is that we can portray anybody, so sometimes we get comic book characters that haven’t even entered the Marvel Universe yet.

You can see how ridiculous superheroes can be when they’re in legal trouble and whether or not they listen to their lawyers.
“We are excited to introduce these characters who are in the comics.

It’s unclear if any other Marvel characters will be joining She-Hulk: Lawyer. The idea of ​​a superhuman legal division allows for all sorts of fantastical stories, according to Gonzaga. Because the issues Jennifer deals with on the show are so varied, there’s really no cap on the types of Marvel personalities that might appear.

At the moment, the only Marvel character we know of coming in the future season is Daredevil. Matt Murdock is a lawyer by day, so his presence on the show makes perfect sense.

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