Spider-Man: Freshman Year – 10 comic characters who should appear in the next series


The next Spider-Man: Year One promises to be another intrigued animated adventure in the early years of Spider-Man’s superhero career, introducing fans to a new cast of villains, heroes, and high school kids who clutter Peter Parker’s teenage life.

While San Diego Comic-Con revealed more than a dozen characters who will appear in the series, which is slated to premiere in 2024 on Disney+, there are still several unconfirmed characters from Marvel comics who are slated to appear in the series. in order to create a full view of the world of Spider-Man.

Iron Man

Iron Man in his suit soaring above the Marvel Comics cityscape.


Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is one of the primary Avengers in the Marvel Universe and is often a close associate of Spider-Man. The two superheroes have a very close relationship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, although First year isn’t canon within the MCU, the animated series might do well to include a major Avenger like Stark in its first season.

Although it’s not MCU canon, First year has already confirmed that some popular characters within the superhero franchise will make appearances, including Doctor Strange and Daredevil, with Charlie Cox returning to voice the latter. Whether or not additional superheroes will appear in the series remains unknown, though Iron Man would certainly be a prime choice for such a cameo.

Flash Thompson

Flash Thompson pushes Peter's head into a locker

Eugene “Flash” Thompson is a high school student of Peter Parker who tends to fall into the “popular” crowd. Flash has always had a friendly rivalry with Peter Parker, with the early years of their interaction consisting mostly of Flash relentlessly bullying the weaker Parker. Tony Revolori portrays Thompson in the MCU, although it’s unclear if he’ll return for First year.

Given its episodic format and the potential for future seasons, First year has the opportunity to explore both the antagonistic side of Peter and Flash’s relationship as well as the friendship that eventually blossoms between the two young men, something essential to comics but rarely explored in film.

Liz Allan

Liz Allan in the comics and Spider-Man: Homecoming

Liz Allan is a classmate of Peter Parker and his first crush. Portrayed by Laura Harrier in Spider-Man: HomecomingLiz also has feelings for Peter Parker, though their potential relationship dissipates after it is revealed that she is the Vulture’s (Michael Keaton) daughter.

If Liz appears in this upcoming series, it’s likely the story will move closer to the comic book version of the character, which is in no way related to the Vulture. Instead, the show may choose to explore Liz’s relationship with Harry Osborn, who has already been confirmed to appear in the first season, alongside her father Norman.

Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson

Joe “Robbie” Robertson is the lovable editor of the Daily Bugle and second in command to J. Jonah Jameson. A far cry from the much louder and more passionate Jameson, Robbie is generally liked by his employees for his calm demeanor and understanding personality.

Although Robbie Robertson appears in all three Sam Raimi films Spider Man movies, played by Bill Nunn, the character has yet to really make his mark outside of this one. As a pivotal character in the Spider-Man mythos, Robbie has the unique opportunity to really shine as a recurring character in First year.

J. Jonah Jameson

J Jonah Jameson screaming in anger.

J. Jonah Jameson is the publisher of the Daily Bugle and a sworn adversary of the Amazing Spider-Man. Continuing his crusade against the web-slinging superhero for decades, Jameson has even been responsible for creating several supervillains in Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery, but always finds a way to blame his nemesis for anything that doesn’t. don’t go to New York.

Jameson was performed to perfection by JK Simmons in five Spider Man films over the past two decades, creating a fan-favorite version of the character. Any long-running Spider-Man franchise would feel empty without the presence of the flat-headed reporter and so it’s unlikely that Jameson will be entirely absent from the series, even if he only makes an appearance or two throughout. his first season.

The Human Torch

Spider-Man and Human Torch fly together.

The Human Torch is a hot commodity for Marvel Studios right now, now that the Fantastic Four movie rights have returned to their hands. Fans are eager to see Marvel’s version of the character, making suggestions for many actors who could play Johnny Storm in the MCU. Nevertheless, the character could make his next appearance in First year.

Spider-Man and the Human Torch have had a love-hate relationship throughout their comic stories, but have always remained an entertaining pair to watch interact. Given that First year will feature different team-ups between Spider-Man and various superheroes, the series would be the perfect game to reintroduce the Human Torch leading up to its impending MCU debut.

Ned Leeds

Ned on the bus;  cartoon hobgoblin

Ned Leeds became a fan-favorite character in the Spider-Man mythos thanks to Jacob Batalon’s portrayal of the character in the MCU. Ned, who is a Daily Bugle reporter in the comics, is ultimately revealed to be a single identity of the supervillain known as the Hobgoblin.

One Spider-Man character who may never become his superpowered counterpart in the MCU is Ned Leeds. As such, First year is the perfect alternate reality to introduce Ned’s supervillain alter-ego. While Ned is unlikely to turn into a Hobgoblin in the first season of Spider-Man’s new animated series, the show could easily start setting up his character for a villainous turn in its early episodes.

Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy Giant Size Special

Gwen Stacy is a pivotal character in the Spider-Man story, who has appeared in several projects featuring the Web-Slinger over the years, most notably portrayed by Emma Stone in the amazing spider man franchise. Peter Parker’s first love and longtime girlfriend, Gwen’s tragic death in the comics remains one of the best Spider-Man stories.

Given the series’ high school setting, audiences will have the opportunity to meet many of Peter Parker’s classmates, one of whom could very well be Gwen. Fans longed to see the character adapted in the MCU and, although First year isn’t quite MCU canon, it’s a close second.

MJ Watson

Mary Jane Watson has been one of the most important characters in Peter Parker’s life for most of his comic book history. A variant version of the character, Michelle Jones-Watson, appeared throughout the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy starring Zendaya.

As Peter Parker’s true love and biggest supporter, MJ is a pivotal character in the upcoming animated series. While it’s unclear whether such a character would be fashioned after Zendaya’s version of the character or something completely new, fans are eager to see MJ return.

Ben Parker

Peter Parker and Uncle Ben Hug in Spider-Man Comics

Ben Parker, Peter’s uncle and mentor, is a hitherto unseen character in the MCU. It’s Ben’s death that ultimately pushes Peter to become a superhero, creating one of the most beloved and moving superhero origins in comic book history.

Since Uncle Ben is not seen in the MCU, First year is the perfect place to reintroduce fans to both the character and his tragic fate that gave birth to a superhero. If the show is really loosely based on the MCU version of Spider-Man and his supporting characters, including Ben Parker would add an extra level to Tom Holland’s already beloved portrayal of Peter Parker.

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