Spy x Family Stars Tries To Draw Their Characters In New Posters


Spy x Family made its anime debut this spring, and it’s already carved out a place among this season’s best entries. The Forger family has fans around the world, and no one is more excited about this success than their cast. That’s why the stars of the show got together to ink the illustrations for their respective characters, and well – some of them did better than others.

It all started when Spy x Family released a key visual for its fourth episode. It took a while, but the three anime leads took a moment to draw the visual in their own unique style. And as you can see below, all three takes are pretty adorable if not…abstract.

Takuya Eguchi, the actor behind Loid, gave the Forger family identical expressions, including pursed lips and squinted eyes. The art isn’t crazy detailed, but it’s not terrible. Eguchi never claimed to be an artist, and he excels at his actual work every time he voices Loid in the recording booth.

As for Saori Hayami, Yor’s voice gave the visual some extra detail with their take. Each of the characters has shading, and Anya’s eyes are adorably googly. They even drew cows given the plot of the episode. But in the end, well – no one can beat Atsumi Tanezaki’s take on the Spy x Family visual.

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The actress behind Anya has been working hard on their hobbies, as you can see above. The three tracks do not receive detailed expressions, but their composition is relevant. And of course, the actor made sure to include one of Eden College’s top administrators in his adorable skit. When it comes to art, it looks like Tanezaki has what it takes to impress fans, and netizens wouldn’t mind the actress inking more Anya artwork over the course of the season. first season.

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